POTUS Promises to Complete Mission in Afghanistan but Wants to Cut Troops

OFFICIAL RELEASE: February 12, 2013
CONTACT: Danny Gonzalez :: danny@moveamericaforward.org

President Promises to Complete Mission in Afghanistan but Wants to Cut Troops Who Will Fight For It

Sacramento, CA – Move America Forward, the nation’s largest grassroots, pro-troop organization said that President Obama should not trade progress in Afghanistan for political expediency, after he outlined his plan to cut troop levels in Afghanistan in his State of the Union address Tuesday.

“America will complete it’s mission in Afghanistan.” Obama promised, before revealing that that he intends to cut 34,000 troops over the next year and end the war completely by 2014.

“We are glad that President Obama says he is committed to seeing our Afghanistan mission through to completion.” said Danny Gonzalez, Director of Communications for Move America Forward.

“Any reduction must be measured against the recommendations of the commanders on the ground. The progress fought and paid for by our troops over the last several years must not be eroded by allowing political motivations to guide military strategy.” continued Gonzalez.

“Pulling half of our force out of Afghanistan presents the dangerous possibility that the Taliban could come back,” warned Gonzalez. “After the first Persian Gulf War, we learned a harsh lesson when we left Saddam Hussein in power after kicking his invading army out of Kuwait and had to return years later to finish the job. We cannot afford to make the same mistake with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.” he concluded.

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