PLAYING POLITICS: Obama Defunds Troops, Holds Defense Budget Hostage for his Domestic Spending Agenda

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The nation’s largest grassroots pro-troop organization accused President Obama of playing politics with the troops again, after President Obama vetoed the Defense Authorization Bill in a fight with Congressional Republicans. The non-profit group that supports deployed troops overseas says troop pay raises and critical reforms that would give commanders the authority to let their troops carry guns to protect themselves on bases, are being held up because Obama is too committed to domestic spending increases.

“President Obama’s goal is to increase domestic spending and circumvent the spending caps imposed by sequestration and he’s willing to nuke the defense budget and defund our whole military in order to do that. Essentially he’s holding the whole nation’s security hostage.” said Danny Gonzalez, Director of Communications for the group.

“There is no reason why spending on domestic programs has to be linked with funding for overseas operations that keep America safe from terrorist plots.” said Gonzalez, “Military families and troop-supporters are disgusted to see our national security policy used as a bargaining tool for the President’s other agenda items which include more tax and spend policies that Americans rejected when they elected a new Senate last year.”

The group also criticized Obama’s continued goal of closing Guantanamo Bay. “During his ‘bill-vetoing ceremony press conference’ the President said he was vetoing the bill because it prevented him from closing Guantanamo Bay.” Gonzalez continued. “The President continues to ignore the fact that Guantanamo Bay is essential to our country’s security and a majority of Americans are against bringing those prisoners to American soil.”

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