Obama’s Contradictory, Incoherent Strategy



Sacramento, Calif. – The nation’s largest pro-troop grassroots group, Move America Forward, reacted to President Obama’s prepared remarks to the American public by questioning his leadership and the consistency of his strategy.

“Tonight President Obama reversed himself again when he asked Congress and the American people to wait on Russia before authorizing a military strike. This is a week after he asked Congress to authorize a military strike against Assad’s regime in Syria and claiming all diplomatic efforts had been exhausted. Confusing?” asked Danny Gonzalez, Director of Communications. “We thought so too. It’s confusing, it’s muddled, and it’s contradictory and incoherent.”

The group points out that at several points in his short speech, the President presented conflicting arguments in favor and against taking action in Syria. It was not clear which was the right course.  He then concluded that we would let Russia determine our policy based on their stated control over the Assad chemical weapons stockpile.

“The President said in his address that Assad’s regime poses no military threat to the United States, but he still claimed there is a national security interest for the United States in Syria when he clearly stated ‘Our ideals, principles, as well as our national security is at stake in Syria.’

“Either there is a threat or there isn’t.” said Gonzalez. “If there is no threat, then why are we risking American lives? If there is a threat, then why is President Obama relying on Russia instead of taking care of America’s security himself.

“He promised no troops on the ground, but what happens if Syria responds and attacks American interests?  Is he then prepared to say that we won’t respond to a direct attack?  The President delivered a stumbling address that left Americans as disinterested in taking military action now as ever.

“The President also recognized that Al Qaeda is in Syria and working against Assad. That remains to be a major concern to many Americans who don’t feel we should be helping the same terrorist organization that engineered the tragedy of 9/11.  Yet on the eve of that anniversary, President Obama asked Americans to contemplate terrorist ascendency without an explanation as to why it helps us.” concluded Gonzalez.

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