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SACRAMENTO, Calif. –Move America Forward (MAF), the nation’s largest grassroots pro-troops organization, expressed outrage and condemned the use of our soldiers who bravely sacrifice every day for their country, as a political football. Today at an hour-long news conference President Barack Obama threatened not to pay out benefits to military veterans unless Republican lawmakers agree to raise the nation’s $16.4 trillion federal debt limit quickly with no agreement of cuts to government spending in exchange.

Scott Raab, a spokesman for the group and Navy Veteran, says Obama’s strategy is playing politics with our troops and their families.

“He’s threatening military families, saying they won’t get paychecks or benefits, unless Republicans go along with whatever he wants,” says Raab, who is currently receiving disability benefits from the VA that could be withheld according to Obama’s statements.

“Obama knows that Republicans want spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling, but we’ve had this discussion before. The last time Obama negotiated with Republicans to raise the debt ceiling, he promised spending cuts that never came.  All that money borrowed was spent by Obama and his administration, but now he wants more money. This time he’s refusing to even talk about reducing the out-of-control government spending.

“By making military families afraid of what’s going to happen to them, the President believes he can stampede more spending without even having a federal budget in place.  Most military families are far more concerned about Obama’s apparent interest in sequestration than this bogus threat to withhold benefits,” says Raab.

“It’s a strategy to get what he wants without negotiating. He’s playing politics with our troops again.” says Danny Gonzalez, Director of Communications for the group. “He knows that Republicans are strong on supporting the military and he’s trying to make it look like Republicans want to leave our troops out in the cold. There is no reason why the President needs to threaten military families.  You can’t blame veterans for being a little resentful that they’re being used as political pawns once again by President Obama.” Said Gonzalez

To arrange an interview with MAF call (916) 583-8321 or e-mail sraab@moveamericaforward.org.

Move America Forward, a registered 501(c)(3) charity, based in Sacramento, supports our troops and their missions in the war on terror. Move America Forward is supported by hundreds of thousands of pro-troop activists, veterans and military families across the nation. To date, they have shipped over 300 tons of care packages to our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.




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