Obama Brings Troop Morale to All-Time Low



A shocking new survey reveals that over 50% of active duty Army officers and soldiers are feeling increasingly uncertain about their future as well as the future of the Army. Troops are feeling downtrodden by President Obama’s changes to the military, shrinking its size and lacking in leadership, Obama attempts to “lead from behind” while our troops increasingly worry that he’s not committed to doing what’s best for them.

A majority of troops strongly agreed with the survey question

“the Army no longer demonstrates that it is committed to me as much as it expects me to be committed.”
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It is truly disturbing that under Obama as Commander-in-Chief the morale has dropped so low.

Lt. Gen. David Perkins cited the drawdown in Afghanistan as well as downsizing and budget cutting throughout the military as the primary Obama policies impacting our troops.

“They came into an Army that was expanding, the budget for the Army was going up, they were deploying, they were engaged in their craft,” Perkins said.“But what has happened in this last year? The Army is downsizing… brigades are going away, …they see the resourcing of the Army is going down.”“So the future of the Army, in their mind, is very different from when they signed up. They’re no longer in a growth industry, quite honestly.”

We must act quickly to counter-act the negative effects of Obama’s weak leadership and military-shrinking policies. America is less safe now than when Obama took office! Our troops see the negative effects of his policies better than anyone else, because they live it.

This survey study warns about “the potential cascading effects of uncertainty on lower morale, loss of quality leaders, and lack of unit cohesion.” But we have the ability to stop all those negative effects by showing our support for the men and women who wear the uniform!

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