More Notes Sent from Troops on the Front Lines

Real Notes from Deployed Troops

As part of our Soldier Sign-Up Program, the troops can leave a message with some of their thoughts and feelings and share a little bit about themselves. Below are some recent notes and care package requests from troops on the front lines. They convey what it means to them personally, to serve and to receive support from you

Progress: $1,700 toward goal of $25,000!

I’ve been tracking our progress for the Operation Mail Call campaign and I can report that we’ve brought in $1,700 in postage donations and we’re almost a week into the campaign.

That’s enough to ship about 118 boxes to the troops. It’s a slow start and we’ve got quite a ways to go before reaching our goal. If we can reach our goal we’ll have enough postage to send out almost 1,750 boxes to the troops. That will make a real difference, but we can’t do it without your help! Please donate today or forward this to your friends and family.

Now you can sponsor TWO care packages for practically the same price as one regular care package, because we have the product already we just need $14.30 per box to send them to our troops!

Here are a few more notes we’ve received just over the past couple days. These troops are speaking from the heart, writing from the front lines of the War on Terror. They deserve our support!

Right now our warehouse is overstocked with thick wool boot socks, Rogers Family Co. coffee, and donated personal hygiene items!


Here is the problem we are facing: with so many extra boxes, we don’t have the money for postage to ship the much needed supplies and care packages to our troops!

We have about enough supplies to ship 1,750 boxes of care packages, but without money for postage all these valuable supplies are just sitting here in our Sacramento warehouse.  We estimate that if we can raise $25,000 in postage, we can clear out our warehouse, and ship these boxes to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan who so desperately need them.

The cost to mail each box is $14.30 from the USPS.  That means that we urgently need to raise $25,000 ASAP.  Will you please help us purchase the postage to mail these boxes to our troops?

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