March Monthly Newsletter (2017)

With Easter around the corner we want to highlight our support effort for the troops of Forward Operating Base Gamberi in Afghanistan.

We’ve had contact from multiple troops stationed here and they’ve told us that their remote outpost could use the help of some care packages to remind them of home. We need to get them some supplies that are just too hard to come by in Afghanistan to help the troops of FOB Gamberi.

Out troops work long, arduous hours in dangerous conditions, and the least we can do is show our love and support.

Please take a moment to read this touching note from Donald A., a soldier currently deployed to TB Gamberi which highlights the importance of support to our deployed troops.

“It is truly an honor and a privilege to have such respect and support from those in whom we have never met. We do what we do over here because someone has to. To go out your way to make that mean just a little bit more by sending a care package to those of us that have been called to serve overseas means the world to the lot of us. I say thank you for thanking us in one of the many ways you know how. Thank you.”  — Donald A. – United States Army, Afghanistan

With the help of our great troop support system, we are confident we will reach our goal and not leave our waiting troops empty handed!

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Mule Creek State Prison Goes R.E.D. to Support our Troops!

Prior to the holiday season, MAF was contacted by staff members from Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP) here in California with a program they had developed to show their support for our troops.  According to MCSP spokesperson Sandra, “Our MCSP staff wanted to have a way to send care packages to our deployed troops while at the same time showing our support in a meaningful way.”

With that goal in mind, a staff member at MCSP designed a special shirt for the staff at MCSP and their family members to purchase and wear on Fridays, called R.E.D shirts that not only showed their visible support for our troops but also raised the funds necessary to send a whopping $3,200.00 in care packages to our troops!

So what are the R.E.D. shirts exactly? R.E.D. stands for (Remember Everyone Deployed) and that is exactly what MCSP has done through their awesome fund-raising program.  Thanks to MCSP, over 125 waiting troops will benefit from great care packages full of awesome goodies like coffee from our partners at Rogers Family Coffee and sweet treats including cookies, candy and premium jerky not to mention lots of great personal care items and sturdy, warm boot socks to protect the feet of our hard working troops.

According to Sandra, “100% of the profits were given to M.A.F. Care Package Program!”  MCSP staff really believes in our mission and the importance of supporting our troops.

”These men and women who are deployed overseas serving our country need to be reminded how much we not only care and appreciate them, but we are humbled at their courage and are thinking about them daily,” stated Sandra who went on to add “It was easy for us to develop our contribution method and was rewarding to see our staff and community come together as a team and create a very lucrative donation.”

Move America Forward was honored to have members of the MCSP staff drop in to present us personally with their contribution and to pitch in while they were there. The representatives for MCSP assured us they would be honored to participate in another drive of this sort in the future which is great news for us and for our many waiting troops.

When asked about their experience with working with MAF, Sandra was very gracious in saying “On behalf of MCSP, we are grateful for the opportunity to come together as a whole to contribute to the support of our troops overseas.”

Here at MAF we are always looking at ways to help our supporters with special programs they may want to implement in support of our troops, so if you have a program like this or an idea of your own, please contact Scott Raab, MAF’s Outreach Director, at

Thanks again to all the staff and family members of Mule Creek State Prison who took the time to support our troops through their R.E.D. shirt program!

Art from the Heart!

We love to send a big long distance hug showing our support to our troops for Valentine’s Day and to make it extra special, each year we enlist an enthusiastic army of young artists and budding writers to create extra special one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day cards to include in our packages.  

Schools, church and youth groups both near and far delivered with bright  and cheery home-made Valentine’s Day Cards full of the kind of love only a child can convey to be included in our troop support packages.

Jean Klark, once again coordinated the efforts of a variety of youth groups and families for Dexter United Methodist Church in Dexter, Michigan to create beautiful Valentine’s cards that are sure to bring a big smile!

Local Sacramento schools including Capital Christian School, Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary School, Sacred Heart Parish School and Holy Spirit Parish School all pitched in to deliver great cards our troops will always treasure.  What a great way for our troops to know they matter,

Rannae Hansen of Greenwood Elementary in Toledo, Ohio and her 3rd grade class participated once again this year and according to Mrs. Hansen, “The kids are so excited to participate, it really makes the feel special knowing a real hero will be receiving on of their cards!”

And a special thank you to Victory Christian School in Carmichael, CA and Dora Marques for your support in this project over the years.

Thanks to Megan Anderson of Wilmington, Delaware for the extra special hot cocoa packets with candy cane stirrers for our troops to enjoy!

We love doing this coordinated effort with the schools, it allows people of all ages to reach out to our troops and show them they are loved and supported during their long and often difficult deployments away from family and loved one.

P.S. – Check out this Great Note!


In the week leading up to September 11, 2016, Central Library hosted a donation drive + letter writing campaign. People were encouraged to donate items that active duty military (and military service animals) could use, as well as to write letters to these soldiers. The items and letters collected were gathered and distributed by Move America Forward, “a military charity and the nation’s largest grassroots pro-troop organization.” In addition to materials and letters solicited from our staff and patrons, I told my daughter’s teacher about this, and she had her eighth grade class write letters to the soldiers.

Yesterday, unbeknownst to the students or the teacher, one of the soldiers who received one of these letters visited their school (Penryn Elementary, in Placer County). As it turns out, he also attended Penryn Elementary as a child! He talked to the students about how much their letters meant, joked “You think school lunch is bad? You should see what we were eating in Afghanistan!” and told them that response letters had been written, and then mistakenly included in a supply drop to troops elsewhere in Afghanistan. Each student was given a patch, and he told them all the patches had been worn by the soldiers that had received their letters.

I thought this was such a great story, so I just had to share!”

Jennifer H.
Sacramento Public Library

Registering a Soldier is Easy

Registering a soldier to receive support packages is free and easy. If you have the address of someone deployed on active military duty, click here for our Military Sign-Up Center or copy this link ( and e-mail it to them so they can sign-up themselves.

Once signed up they’ll be eligible to receive packages and messages of support from caring fellow Americans.

Our Monthly Smiles  Club Keeps Morale High Year Round

Set up to schedule a monthly troop support package now and we will remember to send a package out through our Monthly Smiles Club for you each month. Our Monthly Smiles Club provides an easy way to keep those smiles coming all year long!

At the bottom of a care package donation form there is an option to select either a one-time gift or join monthly smiles. Just click where it says “Yes, I would like to make a Recurring Gift” and choose the frequency you wish to send.

The default we recommend is every 1 month, meaning 12 care packages per year. If you change the number, the system will skip the intervening months.

So, for example:

That’s all there is to it. Then you’ll know each month you’ve put a smile on a soldier’s face. Our Director of Troop Support, Lisa Baron personally oversees our Monthly Smiles program and she will make sure that your monthly package contains a personal message from you to the troops with every package we ship out on your behalf.

We can also set up programs that send packages out for all the different holidays through the year. We have members who send out packages for Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and others who send out packages every other month or even quarterly. We’re here to help with whatever you or your company, group or organization wants to do to support the troops. There’s no obligation, and you can stop sending packages at any time. Plus Monthly Smiles donations are always 100% tax deductible!

If you have questions about setting up a Monthly Smiles program for holidays only or would just like additional information, contact Lisa Baron, our Monthly Smiles Director at


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Move America Forward is now partnering with and participating in their Amazon Smile Non-Profit Program, where Amazon donates a portion of whatever you order to MAF so we can send even more support packages to our troops!

How does Amazon Smile Work?

It’s simple: All you have to do is use the link below to select Move America Forward as the charity you would like to support and a small portion of what you buy on is donated. No extra cost to you, just extr
a support for our brave defenders for buying the things you normally would. It’s a WIN-WIN!  


Millions of Americans already use Amazon to purchase clothes, books and movies to tech gadgets, or almost anything you can think of. Chances are, if you’ve ever bought anything on-line, you have probably used at least once or twice.

Now with Amazon Smile, you can support Move America Forward at no cost to you, simply by buying the same things you would have bought anyway.

Prices are the same, shipping is the same, and nothing changes except Amazon donates .05% of your purchase to MAF on your behalf!

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The more soldiers that register, the more we need to reach out to individuals, groups and organizations who’d like to show their support. If you know an individual, company or organization who’d like to support our troops, would you please pass this newsletter along, or copy this link and e-mail it: Monthly Newsletters Archive

Do you have unused or unwanted gift cards?

Now, you can use them to sponsor care packages for one of our brave men or women of the military.  Not only will you brighten the day of one of America’s finest, but your gift card donation to Move America Forward is also tax deductible, a win-win!

For every $25 dollars in gift cards we receive, we will send a care package in your name. Click here to get started!

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