Let’s Put Politics Aside


Please help! We have less than a week left to reach our goal of $50,000 by June 27th. In order to make sure the Troopathon is as successful as possible, we’ve set a goal to have $50,000 reserved for the troops before June 27th! But now only 6 days from our deadline, we’re barely halfway there – WE MUST DO BETTER!

Our troops in Afghanistan need you today! CLICK HERE TO HELP! In this time of divisive politics and never ending scandals, it seems like politics is everything these days. Every news story turns into a way for politicians to gain political capital by using it to articulate or prove their point of view. Meanwhile our troops are forgotten.


Our troops don’t fight political battles because they’re busy fighting real battles against real terrorist threats. They don’t play politics – they do their job to keep America safe.

For just one day can we pause the political battles and remember that America is ACTUALLY STILL IN A REAL WAR?

Both sides — the right and the left — should be able to agree that the freedoms and liberty we have in America are worth fighting for. Let’s put aside our difference and come together to support our troops, who fight for the freedom and safety of all Americans, regardless of ideology!


If we can’t reach our goal by the 27th, we’re letting down our troops on the front lines, and missing an opportunity to send them much needed support during the hot summer. Won’t you donate a care package to help us reach our goal and send our troops the support they need?

Our goal is to send the most care packages ever to those troops as our way of saying THANK YOU! Please help us reach our goal – we have 7 days left and we need to bring in $25,000 more! Support our troops and CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

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