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Troopathon 9 – Care Packages for Our Heroes!

On June 23, 2016, MAF held our 9th Annual Troopathon live event broadcast live on Newsmax TV and live streamed on the internet from a cutting edge, high tech production studio in Sacramento, California, home of our headquarters.  Troopathon 9 “Care Packages for Our Heroes” capped off a month-long fundraising event running through July 4th and held by Move America Forward to send care packages to the troops overseas for the summer. Our goal is to send care packages to every deployed serviceman or woman overseas fighting the War on Terror.

Troopathon 9 culminated in a 6-hour live broadcast interview show with that brought together pro-troop movie stars, TV personalities, elected officials, professional athletes, musicians, talk radio hosts and many other supporters who encouraged viewers to sponsor care packages for the troops serving overseas through the group’s website (www.troopathon.org) and a special call in number.

Check out our impressive guest list of Pro-Troop Gusts who took the time to call in, skype or appear live at Troopathon 9!

Rush Limbaugh Mark Levin Laura Ingraham Omarosa Manigault Nancy Grace Mario Lopez Matthew Marsden
R. Lee Ermey Mike Rowe Dr. Gina Loudon John Harbaugh Jeanine Pirro Nick Searcy Scott Baio
Duane Dog Chapman Diamond Dallas Page Lou Holtz Hulk Hogan Beau Davidson Pat Boone Adam Carolla
Herman Cain Kurt Schlichter Pamela Geller Col. Allen West Senator Ted Cruz Gov Tom Wolf Gov Rick Snyder
Rep. Steve King Frank Gaffney Maj Gen. Paul Vallely Rep. Louie Gohmert Gov Greg Abbott Rep. Peter King Dennis Miller
Admiral “Ace” Lyons Dr. Laura Gov Rick Perry Gene Simmons Donald Rumsfeld Dionne Warwick Reba McEntire
Diana Nagy Robert Davi Joe Mantegna Montel Williams Coach K Mike Krzyzewski Joe Piscopo Charlie Daniels
Amb. John Bolton Jim Hoft Chef Robert Irvine Tony Orlando Scottie Hughes Gov Earl Ray Tomblin Tim Kennedy
Tomaczek Bednarek Kevin Graves SSgt. Anthony Cano Huba

Once again we had Move America Forward’s co-founder, award-winning radio talk show host, author, advocate, journalist, News Director and veteran host Melanie Morgan at the helm. Melanie, brings her passion for our troops born of six generations of Morgan men serving in the military, Melanie dedicated the broadcast to her brother, the late Sgt. Mark Nelson Morgan, Special Forces.

Sgt. Mark Nelson Morgan, Special Forces

Melanie was once again interviewing side-by-side with Troopathon 9’s special co-host, the incomparable Rita Cosby, Cosby, one of the most recognized and respected broadcasters in America today and for the first time Melanie and Rita were joined by Newsmax’s own John Bachmann.

Melanie has always had a passion for supporting our troops and was just wowed by the celebrity supporters who wanted to make sure they took part in supporting our troops as well.  According to Melanie, “We are humbled to receive support from so many famous pro-troop celebrities and we’re honored to make them a part of our Troopathon fundraiser.

Imagine having to be away from your family for 6-12 months, missing birthdays, holidays or other important life events. These troops are still in harm’s way in Afghanistan and Iraq where they’re fighting the Taliban and training Iraq to fight ISIS. The weather in those countries is a scorching 100-110 degrees during the days when our troops are carrying packs averaging 60 pounds of gear! While our troops are over there covering our butts let’s make sure we do the same from home for them!

With over 10,000 troops still serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, we cannot forget their continued service and sacrifice. The people who are taking time out of their busy careers to participate in Troopathon do so because they are so grateful for everything our troops do, risking their lives for the preservation of our Nation’s freedom and liberty!”

Thanks to all who took the time to watch and respond to our drive to send our deployed troops much needed packages.

Thank you for all who supported!  We are busily packing and shipping off boxes now, but if you didn’t have time to help out during Troopathon, please consider sponsoring a waiting troop now!

Thank you for all the support from everyone here at Move America Forward. On behalf of our hosts, Melanie Morgan and Rita Cosby, all of our staff, and most of all our troops on the front lines, thank you for your support!  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Spotlight on Rita Cosby

Once again, we were extremely blessed to have Rita Cosby as a co-host alongside our own Melanie Morgan.  Rita is a phenomenal journalist, news anchor, radio-host and best-selling author with strong ties to the military community.

Rita is author of two books including the best seller Quiet Hero: Secrets From My Father’s Past which chronicles her father’s bravery as a Polish Resistance fighter during the Warsaw uprising against the Nazi forces in World War II. Rita has used proceeds from this book to support several military and veterans organizations.

Following the Troopathon I was lucky enough to interview Rita for the newsletter and wanted to share my exchange with you. I hope you enjoy hearing from Rita in her own words as much as I did.

You wrote a beautiful tribute to your father, Quiet Hero: Secrets From My Father’s Past did his bravery and personal sacrifice influence your views on the military and their role in protecting our freedoms?

Absolutely. My father was so grateful to be rescued by US troops in WWII and later become an American. He told me he cried when he became a US citizen because he knew the important role the US military played in saving the world in WWII and what America represents in terms of freedom and democracy for all. American GIs literally hugged by father and told him he was free after he escaped from a Nazi POW camp. My father never forgot the greatest day of his life and how blessed we all are to live in this great country.

How did you come to be involved with the Troopathon?

I have been a guest on Troopathon for many years and was so honored to be asked to co-host Troopathon 8 last year with co-founder Melanie Morgan. It was a fantastic experience and a privilege to highlight our brave troops who deserve our support in every way. So when I was asked to co-host once again I didn’t hesitate to say yes!

In your view, how important is supporting our troops through programs like Move America Forward’s Care Package Program?

Extremely important. As a journalist, I have been to many of these remote places where our troops are based and often they are in very difficult, remote terrain with little communication with the outside world. By sending a care package with a personal message, they know we have not forgotten them and that America stands with them. I have seen firsthand that often these messages from a complete stranger give them a great morale boost and are often posted by their bed, something for them to look at and inspire them every day. Think about the incredible impact this can have on one of our brave men and women. It’s no surprise to me that even some pen pal relationships have started as a result of these care packages. It creates an unbelievable bond and a clear message that we love you and deeply appreciate what you and your comrades are doing to protect all of us.

You saw our care packages up close and first hand, what did you think of the variety and quality of products we include in our care packages?

They are terrific and quite diverse! From sunscreen to coffee to beef jerky and everything in between! Troopathon has so many gracious sponsors and great patriots who really know how to put a big smile on a soldier’s face. It makes them feel like Christmas has come whenever that special care package arrives.

Many of our troops have been deployed multiple times and routinely miss important family moments and events, a message and package from a caring supporter may be the only support they receive, do you believe this support is key to their mission?

Absolutely. During these difficult times when troops are on multiple deployments and often away from their families more than ever, these care packages can truly boost their morale and keep their spirits high. This is key to an effective military and most importantly, lets them know we support them and will never forget them. They represent the best of America and we should never forget how lucky we are to have such courageous men and women fighting on the frontlines.

Great job Rita!  Thanks for helping us put together another great Troopathon!

Big Congrats to our Duke Basketball, and SF 49ers Limited Edition Football Troopathon Winners!

As part of our fund raising efforts for Troopathon 9 held June 23, 2016, Move America Forward received generous donations of a limited edition San Francisco 49ers Football from the 49ers and a priceless autographed Duke University basketball signed by “Coach K” Mike Krzyzewski, head coach of the gold medal USA Olympic Basketball team and the National Champion Duke Blue Devils!
We are pleased to announce that our Troopathon Giveaway winners have been selected and thanks to their generous donations to the troops will be receiving these special prizes from two very special organizations that went above and beyond this year to help Move America Forwards 9th Annual Troopathon!!! We are still in the process of notifying our winners so there names have not been mentioned here.


Thank You San Francisco 49ers!

Thank You Sacramento Kings!

Thank You Duke’s Coach K!


Mark Levin’s Challenge

Mark Levin, Troopathon super supporter, author, and the host of American syndicated radio show The Mark Levin Show came through with a big Troopathon donation and then challenged our donors to make a $2,000.00 donation, for which he pledged a personally autographed copy of his best-selling book Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future. Thanks to Mark Levin,  Beverly W. will soon count this special autographed edition as a part of her own collection. Thanks again to Mark and Beverly for their generosity!

Weber Grill donated Spirit E-310 Gas Grill!

Once again Weber Grill has donated a top-quality Spirit E-310 gas grill for a luck Troopathon donor.  The winner of the grill, who was chosen at random, Joshua K. was generous enough to donate the grill back with the wish that it be given to one of our brave troops. Move America Forward is in the process of finding a lucky troop to receive the grill. Thanks Weber, we are so lucky and can’t wait for our troop to Grill on!


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Calling all Troops!
Signing up to receive packages is easy!

If you are deployed or have the address of a deployed military member, you can click here for our Military Sign Up Center  to sign them up to receive one of our great care packages loaded with plenty of the TLC our soldiers need to remind them that people back home support their mission.

If you prefer, just copy this link http://www.moveamericaforward.org/soldier-sign-up/ Once the soldier has registered they’ll be eligible to receive packages and messages of support from caring Americans like you.

Troopathon really helped put packages in the hands of our troops but we could really use more of our supporters to join our Monthly Smiles Program. Please consider joining Monthly Smiles and we will do all the work to make sure your package goes out each month to our deserving troops.

Just fill out the form here and our Director of Troop Support, Lisa Baron will contact you for details or feel free to email or call Lisa directly, she can be reached on her direct line at 843-532-4365 or through her email at LisaBaron@MoveAmericaForward.org (remember to add her to your safe sender list so she doesn’t end up in your SPAM!

You can also join Monthly Smiles directly by ordering and checking the box that says “Yes, I would like to make a re-occurring gift” and selecting your frequency. Our troops really need your ongoing support, so why not join Monthly Smiles today?


Special Thanks go out to Troopathon Event Sponsors:

Also thanks to the following additional sponsors: Yeti Coolers, University of Michigan, Jame A. Doherty Inc., MyDogTag.Com, Sacramento Kings, San Francisco Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Duke University, Nine Line Apparel, GovX, and Motel 6

Happy 240th Birthday America!

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