ISIS Video Depicts Beheading of American President

Oh wow.

ISIS has just released a new propaganda video, a cartoon depiction of ISIS jihadists capturing and beheading President Barack Hussein Obama! The video is translated by MEMRI, a research organization that monitors and translates media from all over the Muslim world focusing on exposing propaganda that supports terrorist and anti-semitic ideology.

Hat tip goes to Pamela Geller for giving us a heads up. Go here to her blog for more commentary.

You have to wonder what ISIS has against Obama…I mean sure he has bombed them a little bit here and there, but not enough to hurt them and I guarantee it’s far less than the shock and awe they would have got if Bush was still president.

ISIS really ought to be grateful, they owe their very existence to President Obama. If he had not first, pulled U.S. troops out of Iraq and then chosen to stay completely out of the Syria civil war, ISIS would not even exist. Nor would they hold so much territory in Eastern Syria and huge parts of Iraq today.

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