Introducing VA Hospital Ditty Bags


Move America Forward has been dedicated to making sure the brave men and women who serve everyday under fire and in harms way always know they are supported, that we the American people remember them, support them and salute them.

Our highly successful care package program has delivered over 215 tons of care packages filled with the products they want and need. Plus each is packed with helpful information and the most imporatant item a personal message from you.

But many of our troops still feel the effects of battle long after they return home. Over 8 million veterans are in enrolled in the Department of Veteran Affairs system where they can be getting a routine checkup to life saving surgeryies. With this in mind MAF would like to help in a new way. We are launching “Operation Ditty Bag.”

Every VA Hospital in the United states has use for a “Ditty Bag”, or personal patient kit. In fact many Hospitals create their own and costs add up. In partnership with the VA we have developed our own Ditty bag that you can sponsor with a small donation. This Ditty bag contains the essentials for personal hygiene, grooming, and extras to make their stay easier.

Help us take care of our wounded Veterans who have returned home by donating a MAF “Ditty Bag” that the VA hospitals can make sure goes to good use. By making your donation you are not only letting the VA spend its money in other arrea’s but making sure that sick veterans are getting exactly what the VA says they need.

Our Ditty Bags are durable, flame retardant “Cinch Bags” filled to the brim with items the VA has requested. They are designed to allow a veteran to carry around the essentials during their stay while at the same time let them keep their hospital and other paper work separate and organized. Making it perfect for a patient to easily carry around and continuing to use it long after they go home.

Each comes with items they will need like high quality Hospital socks for cold floors, 10 piece toothbrush kits, Toothpaste, Mouth wash, and other approved personal hygienic items. We also include Casino quality Playing Cards and sugar free candy and gum.

It’s easy to forget that VA hospitals all across the country make hard choices when deciding their budgets, you can make it a lot easier, with your donation you can provide this ditty bag and they can concentrate on providing a hot meal.

Donate a Ditty bag that they can use for their
stay and afterwards, get them what they need.



Thank you to all of the supporters and patriots out there who donated to send care packages to our troops for Easter. This year was one of our most successful Easter program’s ever, and our troops will be very thankful when they receive the hundreds of care packages sent out over the past few weeks.

Many of those troops have already received packages, one of our contacts in Afghanistan recently wrote back to thank all of those who sponsored packages and talked about the need for more.

Hi! An update that I received the 60 (packages) you sent off on March 25 & 26th. We got them yesterday and already got them on our chinook today out some dustoff guys who have been eating MREs for a month now. We have a few other bases we plan on sending these next ones out to. Everyone was so excited, and I will get a couple pictures to you like before.Thanks again, how cool to get the packages to the dustoff for Easter. I hope all your volunteers know how much they are making a difference for Soldiers. Thanks again and Happy Easter!- Lacey (MAF contact in Afghanistan)

It’s never too late to send MORE SUPPORT for our troops! Even though Easter is over at this point, it would still be an amazing blessing for a soldier, marine, sailor or airman to receive a care package full of goodies!

There is still time to send a care package now! If you haven’t sent one yet, do it now!

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