Introducing Beat the Heat Packages

Temperatures Soar
in Middle East

Care Package Items Help
Troops Stay Cool in the Sun!

We all know that this Summer is coming but over in the Middle East, the heat comes early and has already served up some scorching temperatures.

During the hottest months in Afghanistan temperatures reach well over 100 degrees in some regions. In Iraq it gets even hotter, up to 120 degrees !!!

According to a recent article in Army Times a soldier on extended foot patrol carries an average load ranging from 87 to 127 staggering pounds!

With this in mind Move America Forward is proud to showcase several products we include in the care packages designed to help keep our troops cool and deal with the extreme heat.

We have some really awesome SPF 15 Sun Screen and SPF 30 Lip Balm by Sun Bum.This brand is great because they’re oil free and moisture-resistant, so when the soldier wearing them sweats, the sun screen won’t wipe off like with other brands.
There’s also the high quality Hooh-Ahhs field towels, with moisture in them so if troops do get sweaty or hot, they can take a refreshing field shower.These moisturized field towels are a thousand times better than flimsy wet wipes that are too small to be useful and often tear easily.


And don’t forget about the Gatorade mix so our troops can replenish some much needed fluid and electrolytes with a refreshing, cool, and great tasting drink! 

With thousands of troops still serving in Iraq and Afghanistan they need our help to keep cool in the hot Middle Eastern sun!

Click Here if you’d want to send a package to our troops on the front lines that will include some thirst quenching Gatorade, Hooh-Ahhs Field Towels, Lip Balm and Sun Screen!

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