“I’ll Be Home for Christmas” Sung by Soldier in Afghanistan

Soldier with Amazing Voice Sings “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” from Afghanistan

There are only 9 days left until Christmas, and we’re quickly running out of time to send support to over 60,000 troops in Afghanistan who need it!

We know times are tough and many families are tightening their belts around the holidays, but think about how much joy you can bring to the hearts of our soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors this Christmas. Care packages start at just $24.99, enabling you to send a care packages full of goodies to someone overseas, just to remind them that we care.

Please support our troops and sponsor a holiday
care package now for our troops this Christmas.

Think about how lonely it can get for our troops in Afghanistan, many are on isolated bases where they cannot easily keep in contact with their families back home. Some troops hardly ever receive mail from home, some troops sadly never get anything

Around Christmas time, our troops miss their families more than ever. They sacrifice that time with their families in order to protect us, but sometimes they still get homesick.

Your heart will break when you hear this Army soldier in Afghanistan who recorded a video of herself singing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” for her family back home! CLICK HERE FOR THE SONG!

“On the Third Day of Christmas,
Our Soldiers Gave to Us . . .

During MAF’s 12 Days of Christmas Countdown, we chronicle the gifts that American troops have given to us since the first days of America. Each day we will tell the story of that gift and why we must celebrate our troops.

We owe so much to our troops. Today, on MAF’s Third Day of Christmas, we remember the gift of Unity.

When America’s Civil War began, we were still a very young country. The North and South were split over so many things, but all felt they were standing for American values and her future.

As brothers fought against brothers, and hundreds of thousands gave their lives, America’s wounds gaped with pain. President Abraham Lincoln stood firm in his leadership, and our troops eventually won Unity, the bond that keeps us together as Americans.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves,” President Abraham Lincoln said.

Thanks to American troops who gave their blood throughout the ages, our country stands with strength and dignity. We celebrate every one of our heroes every day.

“We are all our here doing our best and being strong for each other,” Army officer Cecelia Binford said in a note from overseas. “With the support we receive, our morale stays high. I never knew until this deployment that we had actually had so many military supporters.”

Please go to our website to sponsor a care package with a personal note. Our troops can get lonely during the holidays. They are thousands of miles away from their families and their homes in America. Our troops volunteer to protect everything that is good in America.

Please support our troops and sponsor a holiday
care package for our troops this Christmas!

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