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Army Officer Receives Purple Heart After Surviving Suicide Car Bomb Attack

There are moments in his life that Army Lt. Col. Mark Baaden doesn’t remember now, following the Dec. 11, 2003, traumatic brain injury he suffered when a suicide car bomber attacked the Ramadi, Iraq, camp he was stationed in for his first deployment.

“The driver drove up by a group of us,” the Hopewell Junction resident said. “I think the car was rigged with about 150 pounds of explosives and artillery rounds hidden in the car.”

Baaden remembers the moments leading up to the attack.

“He was in a blue pickup. … I remember every dent and scratch,” Baaden said of the bomber. “He actually waved and smiled, which I’ll never forget. He looked right at me.”


– Story by Nina Schutzman
Poughkeepsie Journal
Aug 6, 2012

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Origin of the Purple Heart

Today is celebrated as “Purple Heart Day” in recognition of George Washington’s creation of the Badge for Military Merit on August 7th, 1782. The “Badge of Military Merit” created by General Washington that day was the predecessor to today’s Purple Heart, and featured a purple heart shaped badge on a silver band. The award was used only a few times, then forgotten until it was revived in 1932 with the official creation of the Order of the Purple Heart.




“The Purple Heart is an award of honor, given to those injured in combat…Since 1932, it’s estimated that between 1.7 to 1.8 million people have been given the award.” – Peter Bedrossian, Program Director of the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor.
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