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Pro-Troop Group Will Hold Hagel Accountable as Secretary of Defense

SACRAMENTO, Calif. –Move America Forward (MAF), the nation’s largest grassroots pro-troops organization, expressed disappointment upon learning of the confirmation of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense by the U.S. Senate today. It was one of the closest votes ever and without a doubt the most contentious fight for the post in the history of the office.  Although the group fought President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, MAF says they are undeterred by this loss, and will continue to fight on in the future by holding Hagel accountable to his words.

“Chuck Hagel was one of the worst possible picks for Secretary of Defense that we could have imagined, as a pro-troop organization.” said Danny Gonzalez, Director of Communications for the group. “That’s why the conservative, pro-troop grassroots was severely opposed to Hagel’s nomination and mobilized efforts to stop it. We put pressure on Senate Republicans to go after Hagel, and although he eventually was confirmed for the post, we are happy with those Senators who put Hagel through his paces.

“We believe this nomination process brought out a lot of important information about Chuck Hagel that we did not know before. It also left him weak and without much political capital to leverage in the future. In the coming months we will continue to fight and hold Chuck Hagel’s feet to the fire. We expressed concern about his lack of support for Israel, and he assured the Committee that he would support our strongest ally in the Middle East, Israel. We will be watching to make sure that he follows through with those promises.” concluded Gonzalez.

To arrange an interview with MAF Communications Director, Danny Gonzalez, call (714) 926 – 6189 or e-mail danny@moveamericaforward.org

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