Help Our Troops in ‘Rocket City’ Afghanistan!


We can’t allow our troops overseas to be forgotten! While the media hardly pays attention to the War in Afghanistan these days, our troops remain locked in a fierce battle with the Taliban and their al-Qaeda allies.

As President Obama has gone forward with his plans to draw down troops, our fear is that the situation for our troops remaining in Afghanistan is deteriorating. In places like FOB Shank, where MAF has sent tons of care packages over the years, we are extremely concerned to hear that rocket attacks have stepped up to frightening intensity.

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Please send them your support and items they can’t get in Afghanistan.


“Rocket City,” Afghanistan: Army thinks outside the box to protect troops at front-line base
By Charlie D’Agata | Oct 24, 2013
CBS News | Bagram, Afghanistan.

When we arrived, we were informed that rocket and mortar attacks were treated differently — taken more seriously — than at Bagram. We were told that when the warning came, we were to immediately hit the deck, get down on the ground, and wait for the impact. Upon the second warning, confirming the attack — “IDF impact” — we were then to get to a shelter as soon as safely possible.

Being much smaller, and therefore more tightly packed than Bagram, the rockets have hit barracks, convoys and occupied buildings at Shank. Everyone had stories to tell of close calls. They showed us where a rocket struck the roof of a barracks. One exploded on a patch of dirt where, minutes before, soldiers had been playing volleyball. We saw the shrapnel scars on a wall from a rocket that hit a convoy of armored vehicles just before they left for a patrol.

We didn’t have to wait long to see for ourselves. Within hours of our arrival, the first rocket struck. It hit empty space.

The frequent Taliban rocket and mortar attacks are such a lethal menace at Shank that the Army took the unusual step of adapting a Navy weapon usually used on aircraft carriers and large ships, to protect them on the open seas.


Our troops on the front lines need us now more than ever! Living under constant rocket attackscan wear down our troops’ morale, slowly leaving them feeling isolated or forgotten – we can’t let that happen. A care package from home filled with treats and personal care items is a great way to lift their spirits and show them we still care.


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