Halloween Care Packages


Halloween is a time of year that many families carve pumpkins, trick or treat in their neighborhoods and start the holiday season together. But for our troops in the field it’s another long day on patrol they spend thinking of their loved ones. They remain vigilant in their duties thousands of miles away from home. 

You can make a difference by sending them some support in the form of a Holiday Care Package. With its treats and personal message from you it could be the one thing that keeps them going. Knowing they have your support makes a huge improvement in their daily routine.The Holiday Care Packages this year include Special Pumpkin Spice Premium Coffee that brings warm memories of family and loved ones to even the farthest reaches of Afghanistan with a simple smell.

Other great items like Candy Corn for any sweet tooths in the unit and of course all the other great items the troops want.Hoo-Ahhs Field towels for a fresh field shower when there is no running water.

And of course our holiday themed Oreo Cookies which is the best and preferred way to ship chocolate to the troops.

As you know we have been focusing on the 3rd SFG with care packages and thanks to you a lot of success already, we are only 500 dollars away from our goal.

With your help over the next two days we are hoping to blow this goal right out of the water and bring some much deserved relief to our very bravest.

These special forces serve in the most dangerous missions there are and could really use your support. They are in the heaviest fighting and do the jobs no one else can. Will you help us support these warriors with your words of support?

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