Great Start but Keep it Going!


Exciting news! We are EXACTLY 7 DAYS away from Troopathon, but that means there is only one week left to reach our goal of $50,000 by June 27th.

Yesterday was great! We asked for your help and people responded by sending more than $5,000 in donations right away, but even with that bump, we are still less than halfway to our goal! WE MUST DO BETTER!

Our troops on the front lines need your help today! Due to budget cuts and Obama’s withdrawal timetable their first and last meals of the day are being taken away! Marines in Afghanistan now only get lunch and dinner served hot, while breakfast, the most important meal of the day, only comes in the form of MRE’s which some soldiers would rather throw at the enemy than eat.

Your typical MRE provides nutrition, but no taste. A care package from home gives a soldier goodies that taste great and the personal care items that make deployment a little easier. Send a care package with good food our troops deserve now!

If we can’t reach our goal by the 27th, we’re letting down our troops on the front lines, and missing an opportunity to send them much needed support during the hot summer. Won’t you donate a care package to help us reach our goal and send our troops the support they need?

Our goal is to send the most care packages ever to those troops as our way of saying THANK YOU! Please help us reach our goal – we have 7 days left and we need to bring in $30,000 more! Support our troops and CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

Win a FREE AR-15 Rifle on Troopathon!

How would you like to win a FREE RIFLE from STAG ARMS?We’ve teamed up with one of the premiere tactical rifle manufacturers in America, STAG ARMS, to bring you a Troopathon opportunity we’ve never offered before!

Help us get the word out about Troopathon and our efforts to support our military men and women overseas.

Donate any size care package and sign up for this free gun giveaway. The final day to enter is June 26th at 11:59pm so make a donation or sign up before that time and you will be automatically entered into the drawing.

The winner will be drawn and announced LIVE on TROOPATHON June 27th so tune in to see who wins this awesome AR-15 rifle!

Tell all of your friends and family to sign up as well! Click Here!

Look at our Donation Warriors!!!

Donate Now and Join Them!!!

Debbie Lee Phoenix, AZ $200
Karl A. Bakersfield, CA $1,000
Kyra G. Tulsa, OK $1,000
Jeff S. Powa, CA $1,000
James B. Seminole, FL $399
Rebecca M. Tampa, FL $399
Amy S. Albuquerque, NM $399
Monique, F. Mitchell, SD $299
Gerald W. Edmonds, WA $249
Clinton L. Houston, TX $199
Elizabeth H. New Vernon, NJ $199
HD Bruner Tucson, AZ $199
Angela G. Upper Saddle River, NJ $199
Trent B. Houston, TX $199
Joan W. Ripon, CA $199
Maggie S. Toluca Lake, CA $199
Mary A. Hamburg, IA $199
Timothy T. Lancaster, PA $199
Paul W. San Jose, CA $199
Lisa O. Danville, CA $199
George Z. Gilbertsville, PA $199
Laurie L. Phoenix, AZ $199
Bennett S. San Francisco, CA $199
Chris L. Ojai, CA $199
Roberta K. Hope Valley, RI $199
Dianne P. Yorba Linda, CA $199
Glenn F. Columbia, MD $199
Inge S. Cincinnati, OH $149

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