Great News! Half Way To Our Goal

Great Job! We’re Halfway to Our Goal!

Good news everyone! Just one week after announcing our adoption of 1st Marine Division, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, we are about halfway to our goal of sending care packages to 800 Marines bravely fighting in Afghanistan.

We’ve raised enough funds to send care packages to 407 Marines, about half the unit. But we still need your help to get support to the other half and time is running out.

There are still about 393 Marines who need support.
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Now, try to image what it would feel like to spend 9-12 months away from home, in a strange and austere environment like Afghanistan.

The deserts are scorching hot, while the mountains are freezing cold. Many of our troops serve on remote bases where they seldom receive mail or get a chance to call or e-mail home to friends and family.

Supplies can be scarce in these remote areas. Whereas hot meals used to be provided four times a day, now hungry troops only receive two meals per day and make due with MRE’s the rest of the time.

You can make a Marine’s deployment much easier by donating now to send him or her a care package full of food and personal hygiene products that will amaze and delight these brave Marines. From comfort foods that they will miss from home to things like deodorant and wet field towels to keep them feeling fresh and clean, a care package from Move America Forward, sponsored by you, is the perfect way to change a Marine’s day.

For some troops, these care packages are the only mail they will receive all year. This past Christmas we received several notes back from troops in Afghanistan saying thanks, and that the care packages sponsored by you were the only packages they received for Christmas. For troops who don’t get packages from their families at home, these packages make all the difference.






Local Marine Featured in USMC News Story

Every once in a while we catch a story about a local troops serving overseas in Afghanistan. Move America Forward headquarters is based in Sacramento, California, and one of the demolitions expert Marines in the following story is from the nearby Sacramento suburb of Elk Grove. We’re very proud of all of our Marines serving overseas, espcially those from our own hometown!

Explosive Tandem Demolish Bunkers,
Supports Operation Jaws

By Cpl. Timothy Lenzo
USMC – 1st Marine Division

KAJAKI, Afghanistan – “Five, four, three, two, one,” a Marine yells as some cover their ears and others turn away from the area.The explosion shakes the ground beneath the squad, sending dust and dirt flying off their uniforms and putting a ringing sound in their ears. As the dust and smoke settles two Marines examine the blast area for their handy work.Lance Cpl. Cameron Brown, a combat engineer, with 1st Combat Engineer Battalion, partners with Lance Cpl. Jeremy Corea, an assaultman with 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, Regimental Combat Team 6. The two Marines make a very explosive tandem, working together to not only overcome obstacles but destroy them.

Assaultmen’s jobs also cover a wide range.

“(Assaultmen) are the resident experts of demolitions and rockets,” said Corea, a native of Elk Grove, Calif.

Together Brown and Corea developed a formidable partnership of explosions and a necessary asset to their platoons.

In the first three days of supporting Operation Jaws, Brown, Corea and the other engineers and assaultmen attached to Golf Company, 2nd Bn., 5th Marines, used 60 sticks of C4, approximately 100 pounds of explosives.

They destroyed various insurgent fighting positions including bunkers, murder holes and doorways. Murder holes are small holes in compound walls made to fit the barrel of a rifle that insurgents use to engage the Marines from the opposite side of the wall.

One bunker in particular provided an example of the value of what Brown and Corea accomplish.“The bunker that we encountered yesterday was intertwined with a compound wall,” said Corea. “To us it looked like it had a tunnel going into the compound.”

Corea and Brown assessed the bunker and decided two wall charges with four sticks of explosives each would destroy the bunker.

After they leveled the bunker, another explosion occurred.

Brown explained that the blast from their charge caused IED materials within the tunnel to detonate.

The second explosion served as a reminder of how Brown and Corea help protect the Marines – preventing their fellow Marines from entering potentially dangerous areas.

“It may not look like we save a lot of lives, but we do,” said Corea. “We can drop a stick of C4 and blow up an IED and no one will ever have to worry about it. Not only are we helping our (Marines) but we are helping the locals. They might not know there is an IED there and accidentally step on it.”

We’re working hard to try to send as many care packages as we can to the Marines of the 1/5 Marines, 1st Marine Division. Just like the Marines in the above story, all of our Marines over in Afghanistan put themselves in harm’s way every day. They have a dangerous job, rooting out the Taliban and destroying all remaining vestiges of Al Qaeda.

Please help us reach our goal and enable us to send a care packages to all 800 of our adopted Marines in the 1st Battalion, 5th Regiment. We still need more support for the 393 Marines who have not received a care package – – donate now to make sure none of our adopted Marines are left out!


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