Great Job! OP Mail Call a Success!


Thanks to your efforts and generous donations we were able to make headlines today when MAF delivered more than 2,022 care packages to our local Post Office where they will be shipped to troops on the front lines.

Supporting the troops who keep us safe is such an important effort, local news stations came by to show how wonderful Operation Mail Call is and get the word out to the community that our troops will not be forgotten!

Here are some awesome pictures from the event today where volunteers came by to help us deliver all the packages at the Post Office:

The crew of the hit CBS 13 morning show GOOD DAY SACRAMENTO came by to film our care package delivery. GOOD DAY SACRAMENTO sent reporter Lori Wallace to cover the event. Here she is posing with MAF’s Melanie Morgan.
Volunteers worked together as a team to unload the truck full of over 2,000 boxes. Inside, volunteers get the boxes ready for the final step in the process. Thousands of shipping lables had to be prepared!
After applying the shipping label and postage, it’s ready to go to Afghanistan! Great job, kids! Our volunteers were working so hard, the Post Office staff really had to huslte to keep up!
After all the care packages were dropped off, volunteers gathered with MAF Chairman and Co-Founder Melanie Morgan at the CBS TV Studio to celebrate a job well done! Volunteers at the TV studio celebrate MAF’s 10th Anniversary with a birthday cake! Our commemrative 10th Anniversary logo is on the cake and the t-shirts!

Thanks to your generosity and hard work, today was one of our largest, most successful shipments of care packages to date.

Supporting the troops is more than just a nice sounding bumper sticker! With MOVE AMERICA FORWARD, it is a sustained effort that we put our heart and soul into because we really appreciate our troops and everything they sacrifice for us!

To those who donated to make today possible, thank you!

Our troops will really appreciate what you have accomplished on their behalf. For those who might not have donated yet, it’s okay don’t worry! MAF ships care packages all year long and if you donate before the end of the day, we’ll make sure your care package gets shipped! Click here to send a care package right now and we’ll box it up and have it delivered as soon as possible!


Support our Troops!

MAF Care Packages Include these great items:

Roger Family Gourmet CoffeeJelly Belly “Candy Diplomacy” Jelly beans, Swiss Miss Hot ChocolateGenuine Oreo CookiesPainted hills 100% Free Range Beef JerkyPlanters Nuts/Trail MixHoo-Ahhs Extra Large Field TowelsSpeed Stick DeodorantSPF Lip BalmSPF Sunblock“For the Troop” CD’s Featuring Lt Dan Band and Montgomery GentrySupport the troops Military Crisis Wristbands,Military OneSource Resource PacketU.S. ConstitutionVarious Novels and other Reading Material, assorted candy from Hershey company & Mars Chocolate candyPlaying CardsMOST IMPORTANTLY – EACH CARE PACKAGE COMES WITH A

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