Fill a Soldier’s Christmas Stocking in Afghanistan

The holidays are coming fast, but we can’t let ourselves forget about the most important people who deserve a gift this season – our troops. Move America Forward is proud to offer Christmas and Holiday Care Packages for our troops in Afghanistan.

There are over 60,000 troops still fighting the Taliban every day and fighting to ensure Afghanistan will never be a training ground for attacks on the U.S. again. These brave men and women won’t be home with their families for the holidays, they’ll be spending Christmas protecting our freedoms.

We must never forget. We must give thanks to our fighting
Armed Forces. Sponsor a special Christmas themed care package today.

Every care package is personalized with a special note from you, and is
full of the items our troops want. Coffee, cookies, and Christmas goodies!!
Saddam Hussein Captured in Iraq in 2003

Even before US forces were finished disarming his regime at the beginning of the second Iraq war, Saddam Hussein had already slipped out of Baghdad and the man hunt was on.

US forces caught up with the dicatator on December 13, 2003 not far from his home town of Tikrit. Hussein was dragged out of a “spider hole” by US soldiers who located him in a small farm house. The code name of the mission was Operation Red Dawn. 

Saddam Hussein was turned over to the new Iraqi government and was eventually tried, convicted, and executed for his crimes committed in tyranny over his own people.


National Guard celebrates 377th Birthday

December 13 is officially recognized as the formation of the National Guard! Happy Birthday to all Guards-men and women! The origin of the National Guard dates back to the original Massachussetts Bay Colony.

When, on December 13, 1636, the loosely scattered militias of the colony were officially organized into regiments, the National Guard was born.

Since then, the National Guard has been our militia, the first and last line of defense for the colonies and then the United States.


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