I want to support the troops but I don’t know anyone in the service?
Through our unique program, individuals and organizations can sponsor soldiers, and send gifts with good wishes and messages of support without actually personally knowing anyone in the service.

Don’t soldiers already get plenty of support from friends and family?
Often friends and families just aren’t able to send gifts and packages as often as they’d like. We constantly hear that mail is a soldier’s only link to home, and there’s no such thing as too much.

How does the Move America Forward sponsorship program work?
Sending care packages to Iraq and Afghanistan can be a confusing and frustrating process. Dealing with the post office and finding soldiers is tough, but our Care Package Program takes care of it all! You can sponsor care packages for as many troops by filling our our online order form, we take care of the rest.

Who can register to get care packages and how?
You or any serviceman or woman can sigh up to receive care packages. Friends and family often sign their loved ones to recieve a care pacakge. Check the Move America Forward website HERE for the Sign-Up page.

How did MAF decide what to include in their support packages?
We want to send our troops packages full of things they really want and can make use of, but we also wanted to send only the highest quality products, so we listened to the troops and formulated a mix of food, snacks and comfort items that our troops can put to good use and is also cost-effective for your dollar. Every care package comes with coffee, cookies, beef jerky and other items, while seasonal items include special items; for example Christmas candy or patriotic themed items 4th of July.

How long does it take for my military care package to arrive?
Your package(s) ship through U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail to one of the official East or West Coast military mail depot.  From there the military’s post service will deliver the package directly to a soldier on the frontlines.  Average deliver time ranges between 2-4 weeks.

Can my company/organization/club donate?
If your company or group  is interested in donating products please contact  Lisa Baron, Director of Troops Support  at lisabaron@moveamericaforward.org

Is my gift tax-deductible?
Yes, the price of your package is tax deductible, MAF is a 501(3)(c) and any contribution is tax deductible.

How else can I help?
Plenty of ways, just let us know you want to help the troops and we will find a way that works best for you, Just Contact Us