Iran’s Leader Attacks Nuke Deal, Surprising No One

Over the weekend, Iran’s highest religious leader publicly denounced the ongoing negotiations with the US over nukes. The Ayatollah and the anti-American loyalists in his regime are the ones who truly hold the power in Iran. This was true when Ahmedinejad was President, and the same is true under current President Rouhani. Regardless of who hold office in Iran, everything is controlled by the religious leaders.

Here is what Khameinei had to say about the US this weekend, as reported by Times of Israel:

Khamenei told a crowd in Tehran that Iran would not capitulate to Western demands. When the crowd started shouting, “Death to America,” the ayatollah responded: “Of course yes, death to America, because America is the original source of this pressure.

“They insist on putting pressure on our dear people’s economy,” he said, referring to economic sanctions aimed at halting Iran’s nuclear program. “What is their goal? Their goal is to put the people against the system,” he said. “The politics of America is to create insecurity,” he added, referring both to US pressure on Iran and elsewhere in the region.

Khameinei also attacked the US in Twitter Source: The Hill

“We reject fraudulent offer of reaching w #Iran first than lifting sanctions,” Khamenei tweeted. “Lifting sanctions is a part of deal, not its outcome.”

“#US sanctions are ineffective,” he continued. “Threatening to sanction or military action won’t scare #Iran-ians. God backs Iranian nation’s resistance.”

This definitely sounds like the leader of a regime currently engaged in good-faith negotiations with our own Nation, right? We can surely trust them to keep their promises while they wish death upon our people and our allies.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has consistently attacked the negotiations with the US over nukes, which leaves many to questions Iran’s true agenda in entering talks with Obama’s administration.

Ever since the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979 the real power in Iran has resided with the Ayatollah, his Islamic Republican Guard, and the countless affiliated Islamic student groups, religious and social organizations designed to enforce the Ayatollah’s brutal and oppressive regime.

These are the thugs who bury women up to their necks and stone them to death in front of thousands gathered at the soccer field. These are the thugs who round up homosexuals and rape victims for public hanging. These are the gangs of regime loyalists who killed pro-democracy student protesters in the streets during the Green Movement, the one Obama ignored. These are the madmen Barack Obama and John Kerry are now negotiating with.



US Should Pull Out if UN Caves to Iran on Sanctions

“Major nations hold talks on ending U.N. sanctions on Iran – officials” – On Reuters, By Louis Charbonneau

Major world powers have begun talks about a United Nations Security Council resolution to lift U.N. sanctions on Iran if a nuclear agreement is struck with Tehran, a step that could make it harder for the U.S. Congress to undo a deal, Western officials said.

The talks between Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States — the five permanent members of the Security Council — plus Germany and Iran, are taking place ahead of difficult negotiations that resume next week over constricting Iran’s nuclear ability.

Some eight U.N. resolutions – four of them imposing sanctions – ban Iran from uranium enrichment and other sensitive atomic work and bar it from buying and selling atomic technology and anything linked to ballistic missiles. There is also a U.N. arms embargo.

20150318_iranRumor has it that President Obama instigated this latest move by the UN security council as an attempt to circumvent a Congress after Tom Cotton’s now famous letter reminding him that Congress must ratify his treaty. Congress is highly suspicious of Obama’s ability to deliver a strong deal with the Iranians. Going to the United Nations is a disturbing move from Obama, showing that Obama is willing use other countries to put pressure on the US instead of the other way round.

Luckily, former ambassador John Bolton was quick to assure us that the UN doesn’t have the real power to stop any US or Israeli moves against Iran, if we needed to.

“A U.N. Vote Is Irrelevant to the Iran Deal” – The Wall Street Journal, by John Bolton

First, even the U.N. will require Iran to comply with any commitments made to the Security Council’s five permanent members and Germany. Bureaucracy-loving diplomats and Secretariat personnel will probably create a council committee to monitor Iran’s performance, but neither the U.S. nor any other U.N. member must accept the committee’s judgment that Iran is in compliance when it has contrary information. Washington can act on what it knows, whether or not it discloses the extent of its knowledge.

20150318_boltonTaking it a step further, Bolton also pointed out that the US always has the option of pulling our funding from the UN, which gets about a quarter of its funding from the US. Doing so would cripple the UN financially, but as MAF has pointed out the corruption and uselessness of the UN in the past, we would also suggest to the next US President to consider pulling out of the UN altogether, especially if they don’t have our backs in stopping Iran from getting nukes.

The General Assembly, the Human Rights Council and other U.N. bodies would doubtless be summoned by Iran and its allies to pass resolutions critical of U.S. or Israeli behavior. Let them. There are few better scenarios imaginable for provoking a far-reaching debate about the U.S. role in the U.N. One could start with the most basic issue: eliminating all funding through “assessed” (meaning essentially mandatory) contributions, and moving all U.N. agencies to voluntary funding.

We still firmly believe that the US would be just fine without participation in the United Nations



Tom Cotton’s Letter on Constitutional Procedure Makes Liberals Go Ballistic

When news broke Monday about the Republican Congressman from Arkansas Tom Cotton’s open letter to the leaders of Iran, political left went berserk that someone would dare defy Supreme Leader Barack Obama.

20150312_pelosiIt’s quite funny to see Dems react with such audacity when they themselves have done so much worse. Cottons letter was nothing compared to Obama shaking hands with Hugo Chavez or Pelosi in a hijab going to Syria and meeting with Bashar Assad while Bush was president.

VP Joe Biden said it was “beneath the dignity” of the Senate. Is sending a letter to someone undignified? The leaders of Iran should be feeling lucky they’re on the receiving end of letters and not bombs on their uranium centrifuges.

Some liberals were filled with such rage they are calling on Obama to have all the Senators who signed the letter arrested for treason. Overnight 130,000 people signed a White House petition to file charges against the Senators for treason. It’s now up to 235,000. How did the WH get so many people to sign that petition almost overnight?


This has to have been a concerted PR effort among liberal activist groups to give the impression that the general public was just as outraged as the leaders of the liberal left. Doubtful. Most patriotic Americans know that Tom Cotton is a graduate of Harvard Law and a war hero, he’s not some troublemaker trying to stir the pot. He’s serious about stopping Iran from getting nukes.

The NY Daily News front page called McConnell, Cruz, Cotton, and Rand “traitors”.


Twitter almost had a meltdown with the far left wing calling Cotton a traitor, calling for him to be charged up on charges of treason, they even made up the nickname “Tehran Tom”

20150312_janefondaHoward Dean told MSNBC he thought Tom’s letter “borders on treason.” Dean even went so far as to compare “Tehran Tom” to “Hanoi Jane” when Jane Fonda visited with the VietCong communists during the Vietnam war. It’s despicable that someone like Dean, who attacked our troops and their mission in Iraq, to go on national TV and accuse a war hero of treason.

They are just trying to protect Obama and his attempts to do something for his legacy. Despite failure after failure in Egypt, Syria, Libya and elsewhere, Obama is still clinging to this mad hope that his occupation of the Presidency will have some magical transformative effect on Iran the way he thought it would with race relations in America. He’s been proven wrong again and again as the Middle East has become more dangerous and chaotic during his presidency. Thanks to Obama, instead of just Iraq we have almost every country in the Middle East aflame with extremist activity.

Tom Cotton is beginning to emerge as the man we can rally behind to lead the fight against Obama’s horrible foreign policy. He’s a solid fiscal conservative and a foreign policy hawk. He’s got the military resume to lead on this issue and we hope he continues to do that!

Move America Forward is proud to support Tom Cotton and we hope you join us in saying do not back down Tom!


Benjamin Netanyahu Speaks to Congress 2015

In his opening statements, President Netanyahu went out of his way to thank Obama for bit of aid rendered by the US to Israel, saying he is grateful to President Obama for the support and saying that the relationship between Israel and the US has always been strong and above left/right politics.

If that’s so then why did 55 Democrat Members boycott the speech, and why have so many of the President’s surrogates made openly hostile statements ahead of Netanyahu’s speech, accusing Israel of meddling in our foreign affairs and sabotaging the peace process.

I think Bibi was trying to be as gracious as possible, but the clear subtext is that more and more, support for Israel has become a fractious and galvanizing issue in party politics.  Polls show that favorability polls about Netanyahu show stark trends along party lines, with Republicans overwhelmingly supporting Bibi while Democrats are only about 50/50.  But don’t be so quick to say it’s just about Netanyahu. Among liberals, support for Israel has been evaporating as well.

President Obama reacted to Netanyahu’s speech saying he “On the core issue…the Prime Minister [Netanyahu] didn’t offer any viable alternatives.”

Obama claimed that Iran has ALREADY opened themselves up to new and more comprehensive inspections than at any other time in history.

However this flies in the face of the facts since just YESTERDAY the International Atomic Energy Agency (basically, the UN inspectors) posted a video where Director General Yukiya Amano said “however, the agency is not in a position to provide credible evidence about the absences of undeclared nuclear material & activities and therefore to conclude that all nuclear activity in Iran is in peaceful activities.”

They’re unequivocally stating that there is still no proof that Iran has curtailed any of their pursuit of a nuclear bomb. There are still many issues where Iran is hiding information or not providing information that the agency has requested and the IAEA has no evidence or references to inspections ever actually taking place, simply that Iran submitted information claiming their compliance.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was saying “Iran will not accept excessive and illogical demands,” Mr. Zarif was quoted as saying. “It is clear that Obama’s comments are meant to win the U.S. public opinion and counter the propaganda campaign by the Israeli prime minister.”

This tells us that Iran anticipates that the final deal will be EVEN MORE favorable to their despotic regime of terror than the flimsy bad deal that Obama has been trying to sell us lately. With such a wide gulf between both sides of these negotiations, there probably never will be any deal at all.

These are all issues that should have been resolved a year ago, and still President Obama is asking for more time, saying “the plan” that he’s coming with is going to be so good. The plan is already a year overdue and with Iran’s estimated “breakout time” to develop a bomb being about a year, how is Obama so sure that Iran won’t be able to have a bomb ready by the time his negotiations finally reach a conclusion, or if not very shortly afterward.

Next year we might see Obama triumphantly hailing this new accord with Iran, finally the deal he had been promising, and then a month later Iran will unveil their new Nuclear ICBMs and say ‘surprise! bet you didn’t see that one coming’

That’s all assuming that Iran hides their development of the bomb, but as Netanyahu outlined, the” deal” that John Kerry and Barack Obama have been vaguely referring to has been alleged to contain sunsets on all the restrictions, meaning that after they expire in 10 years Iran will, in theory, be free to openly make the bomb

Bibi also brought up the underlying point that in the opinion of Move America Forward, needs to be the main issue here. President Obama is negotiating with Iran to prevent nuclear aggression, but at the same time Iran is already displaying lots of conventional aggression all over the Middle East.  In Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and elsewhere, Iran’s influence and material support is fueling all the various bad actors who are making the Middle East boil over with violence.

Netanyahu said it plainly and authoritatively what these talks MUST produce, which Obama has made no effort to negotiate thus far, and that, “insist restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program [will] not be lifted as long as Iran continues it’s aggression in the region and in the world.”

Netanyahu suggested three demands, which the United States should carry to Iran.

First, stop its aggression against its neighbors in the Middle East.
Second, stop funding terrorist groups around the world.
Third, stop threatening to annihilate Israel. Recognize Israel as legitimate state.

In our view this was the most important thing Netanyahu stated in his whole speech. Why are we trying to cut a deal with Iran when we know they are making all these efforts to undermine and hurt the United States elsewhere? How can we trust Iran when we know that every handshake in friendship comes with four attempts to stab us in the back?

Obama’s Taliban Prisoner Swap Cost American Lives

HEADLINE: “Kayla Mueller’s Brother: Swap With Taliban Raised IS Demands”

You may already recognize the name Kayla Mueller. She was an American civilian working for a humanitarian aid group in the Middle East, and was kidnapped by ISIS in August of 2013. She was held as a prisoner for ransom before being brutally murdered by her kidnappers on February 6th, as best we know from intelligence sources and conflicting claims made by ISIS.

Now her family has come forward revealing that the ISIS kidnapper’s demands were affected by President Obama’s prisoner swap with the Taliban, wherein Obama released FIVE GITMO detainees and in exchange got back Bowe Bergdahl and American soldier who deserted his post and was subsequently captured by the Taliban. According to Kayla’s family, the ISIS captors raised their demands when they saw that they could get more, like the Taliban got when Obama traded with them.

The militants increased their demands after the May swap for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, Eric Mueller told NBC’s “Today” in an interview that aired Monday.

“That made the whole situation worse because that’s when the demands got greater,” he said. “They got larger. They realized that they had something.”

This disturbing revelation underscores the simple fact that MAF stated when we heard about Obama’s surprise prisoner exchange that he did not even inform Congress of. The US should not negotiate with terrorists and these deals do more harm than good by giving these terrorists a reason to target Westerners for more kidnappings and ransoms.

In the end Obama gave up five dangerous terrorists who are now back on the battlefield, and he made things even worse for poor Kayla Mueller and her family. This is the same reason why we urged the Syrians not to negotiate with ISIS for the return of their captured jet pilot. He too, was executed by ISIS.

The lesson is clear. There is only one way to deal with these murderous Islamic terrorists – armed force.

Is Obama Admin Caving on Iran?

Iran has been in the news lately with Secretary John Kerry firing a shot across the bow of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Anyone running around right now, jumping to say we don’t like the deal, or this or that, doesn’t know what the deal is. There is no deal yet.”

This is just the latest in months after months where we’ve been seeing Obama’s diplomacy with Israel erode to the point where Obama’s administration at this point seems openly hostile to Israel and its leaders. Last year a State Department Official told Jeff Goldberg that Netanyahu was a “chicken[expletive]”. Then Obama was incensed when Speaker Boehner invited Netanyahu to speak to Congress. Now Kerry is shooting thinly-veiled barbs at the leader of Israel, our strongest ally against terrorists…well at least they were before Obama’s administration.

Obviously Obama’s handling of Iran is the huge wedge issue that’s driving Israel and the United States apart. Israel is being kept out of the negotiations despite the fact that they are the number one target that Iran wants to destroy. But Netanyahu isn’t being silent about this dissatisfaction with this process and that’s why Obama is using his surrogates to try to tell Bibi to butt out.

Yet it’s understandable that Israel should be worried if they’re being asked to hand their security over to Obama to negotiate for them, especially with the record. John Kerry said,“Since 2013 we have been testing whether or not we can achieve that goal diplomatically. I don’t know yet. But it’s the most effective way to solve the problem and we will prove that over the course of these next weeks and months.”

This characterization that we’ve ‘come so far’ from where we started is so far from the truth it’s a wonder Kerry wasn’t laughed out the congressional hearing where he said that. Ever since this process started, Obama has done nothing but give appeasements to the Iranians, and making silly promises about results. We ended most of our economic sanctions against Iran and Obama used his State of the Union Address to talk tough against Republicans, where Obama beat his chest and said if Congress passed any sanctions on Iran he would veto them.

On the other hand, what has Iran done for us?  Last year we were supposed to have a plan hammered out within 6 months, and Obama promised consequences if the Iranians did not cooperate. Those six months passed with no results, but did Obama crack down? No , he’s doubled down on his commitment to protect Iran from the Republicans and the Israelis without actually showing anything tangible that indicates Iran has slowed its Nuclear weapons program.

The expected plan, which could be coming in the next few months – although more likely to be a year considering Obama’s six month timetable turned into a year and six months. The AP report from yesterday vaguely outlined an idea that the plan might initially limit the number of Iran’s centrifuges but allow that to ramp up over the 20150224_qudscourse of 10 or 15 years depending on Iran’s “good behavior” but that doesn’t address a number of other issues like what type of uranium they will be allowed to enrich and how much access inspectors will have to the facilities.

And I must also throw in that if Iran is truly negotiating in good faith, for the sake of peace, then why can’t these negotiations also be contingent on Iran ending it’s support for terrorist front group likes Hezbollah, interference in Syria, their meddling in Iraqi internal politics, and much more.


Here is some great selected reading that contributed to my thoughts for this blog post.

Ben Shapiro, Breitbart: “Obama Deal to Let Iran Go Nuclear”

Thomas Joscelyn, The Weekly Standard: “Doomed Diplomacy”

Klapper & Jahn, Associated Press: “Phased Iran-US nuclear deal taking shape” –

Staff, Jerusalem Post: “Kerry in apparent jab at Netanyahu”

Thank you for reading and supporting Move America Forward!

Maf Blogger Danny

MAF State of the Union Response with Biggest Hits and Misses

“Tonight we heard another artful speech from President Obama filled with uplifting rhetoric about moving beyond politics and working for the greater good. Despite tough talk, over the past 6 years we’ve seen very little action from President Obama to actually defeat Islamic radicals who kill Americans and threaten our way of life.

“The President said in the beginning of his speech that ‘the time of crisis has passed’ but the world is very much still in crisis. Obama is celebrating his retreat from the War on Terror while Americans overseas continue to die.” said Danny Gonzalez, Director of Communications.

“In Afghanistan, our troops are leaving behind a country that is just as unprepared for ISIS as Iraq was when Obama pulled troops out of Iraq in 2012. We hope this year the President will finally wake up and start calling our enemies by name, Islamic terrorists. As he calls for authorization to use force to stop ISIS in Iraq, we urge the President to engage the full might of the American military to accomplish this task and stop tip-toeing around while ISIS secures and consolidates its power base,” said Gonzalez.


HIT – The biggest hit of the night was when Obama recognized our troops and their service over the last 13 years at war. They received the biggest standing ovation of the night, far longer than any the POTUS got.

HIT – In contrast to the FLOTUS guest, Congressman Duncan D. Hunter invited Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, the Afghanistan war veteran who was held in a Tijuana jail by the Mexican government for over 200 days after he unintentionally crossed the border with firearms in his vehicle.

For all the time Tahmooressi was being held in a filthy Mexican prison, being mistreated and denied justice, President Obama did nothing to secure his freedom. Move America Forward joined hundreds of Americans who protested for Andrew’s safe return, which finally happened November 1st last year. No thanks to our Commander-in-Chief.

HIT – In response to Obama parading Alan and Judy Gross, Speaker of the House John Boehner invited political refugee Jose Luis Garcia who was a political dissident thrown in prison by the Castro regime for 17 years! Obama’s new Cuba is a reward to the Castro regime for their years of brutality.

HIT – President Obama SAID he wanted an authorization for use of force against ISIS. We couldn’t agree more, we must do more to combat ISIS. We must point out however, that ISIS has been a threat for over a year now, and still Obama has done nothing. The troops that he’s sent to Iraq have such a limited scope of mission, and the air strikes he has allowed have done very little. ISIS continues to hold huge swaths of territory in Iraq and executes more innocent people every day. We urge President Obama to use the full might of our military to actually do something about this, rather than just talk tough.

HIT – Former UN Ambassador John Bolton responded to the President’s State of the Union address on Twitter, tweeting “Have all Cuban political prisoners been freed yet? And Obama wants us to trust Cuba?” and he pointed out “Obama continues to see international threats as distracting from his primary objective to “fundamentally change” American domestic policy.”

We fully agree with Ambassador Bolton. Obama’s foreign policy is a disaster and every time one of those blunders causes a crisis, he defends himself by saying we are only using these disasters to score political points. Benghazi was not a “GOTCHA” moment as the president says, it was a disaster!

HIT – Bravo to Joni Ernst for delivering the Republican response to the President’s State of the Union. You will remember that MAF was one of Joni’s strongest supporters in her bid for the Senate. We support her because of her principles and because of her service to our nation. She is the first female combat veteran to serve in the U.S. Senate and we know she will continue to stand for our troops. In her response, Ernst said, “The forces of violence and oppression don’t care about the innocent. We need a comprehensive plan to defeat them.” We could not agree with Joni more. President Obama continues to ignore the spread of Islamic radicalism, he denies it even exists.

MISS – First Lady Michelle Obama invited an illegal immigrant to join her in a place of honor in the halls of Congress. Ana Zamora, who continues to break the law by continuing to remain in the US illegally, is held up as a standard of good behavior according to Obama’s liberal agenda.

She is here to serve as a symbolic THANKS from millions of illegals who thank President Obama for his executive order that amounts to amnesty, while our borders remain unsecured. Are we supposed to be impressed and applaud Obama for circumventing the law and promoting people who knowingly ignore the legal immigration system in place?

MISS – Another member of the First Lady’s guest list in the seat of honor are Alan and Judy Gross. Mr. Gross was jailed in Cuba and was freed as part of Obama’s new deal to reopen relations with the Communist nation. It’s a snub to the millions of Cuban citizens who are still stuck in that poor country under the thumb of a brutal totalitarian regime that continues the savagery established by Castro when he first took over.

MISS –   In the first five minutes of the POTUS’s speech he says “…combat operations are over in Afghanistan… the shadow of crisis has passed” here again President Obama is CELEBRATING his retreat from the War on Terror while Americans overseas continue to die. Just today, the State Department asked all Americans to evacuate from Libya due to terror threats and the country of Yemen is apparently about to fall to a rebellion by Islamic-radicals. The situation continues to unfold, but Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of the Middle East continues to be in crisis while Obama says everything is fine.

MISS – President Obama doubled down on his threat to veto any bills that sanction Iran, saying that these sanctions threaten all the wonderful progress he’s accomplished with stalling their Nuclear Program…but he failed to mention that his administration has missed every single benchmark they promised they would in their deal with Iran. We were told that after a 6 month period there would be progress…6 months came and went, and still no progress, yet the sanctions against Iran remain lifted, giving them tons of extra money which they use to fund terrorist organizations like Hezbollah.

MISS – President Obama shamelessly chided his detractors (MAF includes ourselves among them, sometimes) saying “A better politics is one where we debate without… “gotcha” moments, or trivial gaffes, or fake controversies that have nothing to do with people’s daily lives.” but we contend that Obama’s foreign policy blunders are NOT gotcha moments, they cost American lives, as we’ve seen in Benghazi and Iraq since ISIS started taking over. His foreign policy makes the world a more dangerous place by failing to confront those terrorists who would harm us.

MISS – For the 6th time in 6 State of the Union addresses, President Obama once again called for the closure of GITMO and claimed that he has cut the population of GITMO in half. All he has done in reality, is send new talent back into the arms of ISIS, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda. The current leader of ISIS in Afghanistan is a former GITMO detainee. Obama says this to score political points, but GITMO is not going anywhere.

Prayers for the Victims of Paris Terror Attack

Pro-Troop Group Offers Prayers for Victims of Paris Terror Attacks
Says Freedom of Expression, Thought, Must be Defended

SACRAMENTO, Calif. –Move America Forward (MAF), the nation’s largest grassroots Pro-Troop organization, offered prayers and condolences for the families of the victims of Wednesday’s terror attack in Paris. The group also stressed that in the wake of these attacks, we must remain defiant and committed to our ideals of freedom of thought and expression.

“Today’s terror attacks were a painful reminder that these terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, or any group that aligns with a radical Islamist ideology are dangerous and cannot be negotiated with.” said Danny Gonzalez, Director of Communications. “Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of today’s attack and their families. Their loss, and the sacrifice they made in the name of freedom will be known the world over.” said Gonzalez.

“As former President George W. Bush said after 9/11 ‘Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward.’ Just as in Madrid in 2004, London on 7/7, 2005, in Benghazi, and in many other cities around the world. We know that the employees of Charlie Hebdo said they would rather die on their feet than live on their knees, having their thoughts and rights to free speech dictated by men with guns who murder innocents and commit atrocities because of a cartoon depiction of Muhammad. We cannot allow our freedoms to be held hostage by men with guns and a radical ideology.”

“Shame on anyone who looks at these events and says we should have been more sensitive, or that we must limit what we say about Islam or those who profess to follow its teachings. Shame on those who warn others not to speak their mind, or say what they believe, for fear of retribution from the terrorists.” said Gonzalez. “The world must come together to hunt down these extremists and bring them to justice, but not to condemn individuals for speaking out against the radicals who commit crimes in the name of Islam.” said Gonzalez.

To arrange an interview with any MAF spokesperson please contact MAF Communications Director, Danny Gonzalez at (714) 926 – 6189 or e-mail

Move America Forward, a registered 501(c)(3) charity, based in Sacramento, supports our troops and their missions in the war on terror. Move America Forward is supported by hundreds of thousands of pro-troop activists, veterans and military families across the nation. To date, they have shipped over 300 tons of care packages to our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

#  #  #

FOX40: Donations Needed for Care Packages for Troops


People mark 9/11 in different ways. One group, Move America Forward-dot-org, has a goal of sending a thousand care packages to troops overseas.

Cookies, coffee, books and magazines – all simple pleasures from home that can mean the world to a troop serving overseas. For those four-legged soldiers, “doggles”, goggles for dogs in the desert.

Mover America Forward needs volunteers and donations to pack 1,000 care packages. Many of those currently serving were moved to join in some part because of the attacks on September 11, 2001.

Volunteers spent Thursday packing up packages that will be opened by troops, hungry for a piece of home.

Each of the sponsored care packages include:

Jelly Belly “Candy Diplomacy” Jelly Beans
Gourmet Coffee from Rogers Family Co.
Hot Apple Cider
Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate
Genuine Oreo Cookies
Painted Hill Beef Jerky
Planters Nuts/Trail Mix
Hoo-Ahhs Field Towels
Lip Balm
Coppertone Sunblock
John Ondrasik “For the Troops” CDs
“Support the Troops” Wristbands
Military OneSource Resource Packet
U.S. Constitution Pocket Edition
Veteran’s Crisis Line Info Card
A Personal Note from YOU!


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