Christmas Shipment Livestream

It’s crunch time! We have only two days left before Christmas, the most important holiday of the year for most Americans.Our troops need to know that we support them! The holidays are the toughest time of the year for our deployed troops, when they can’t be at home for the holidays to spend this special time with their friends and families.Last Thursday the Post Office up over 1,500 care packages for the troops on the front lines. These care packages will arrive just in time, maybe on Christmas Day or perhaps a few days later, but the impact will be the same.

The recorded live-stream is now available!


It’s not too late to be a part of our Christmas efforts! Make a donation RIGHT NOW and you can still get your care packages sent today, but hurry because time is running out to support the troops!

You might be surprised how many troops write back to us saying that the care package we sent was the only mail they had received all year.

Spending a 6-12 month deployment in Afghanistan with little or no mail from home can be discouraging or even depressing. Let’s not allow our troops to get lonely this Christmas! Help us reach our goal by Christmas day and don’t let our troops down!

Here are some more photos of our huge care package shipment last week!

All Donations are Tax Deductible
Please make all checks payable to “Move America Forward”
Donations by Check Can be Sent To:
ATTN: Scott Raab
Move America Forward
8795 Folsom Blvd. Suite 103
Sacramento, CA 95826To sign up a deployed servicemember to receive a care package or
to request care packages if you are a deployed servicemember, visit or call(916) 441-6197


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Madison Rising Christmas Song for the Troops

With only THREE DAYS LEFT until Christmas, time is running out to support our troops on the front lines!

As you know, Christmas can be one of the loneliest times for our troops who are spending the holidays overseas. Sadly, some troops don’t receive any mail all year long, but you can make sure they get at least one package – a care package full of thoughtful Christmas treats to remind them of home.

They’re spending Christmas away from their families, protecting our freedoms. The least we can do is wish them a Merry Christmas with a special Christmas care package packed up by our volunteers here in Sacramento along with your personal message to the troops.

We’ve set a goal to reach $60,000 for our troops by Christmas. Help us reach our goal and get into the Christmas spirit by sponsoring a care package today!

Now have a listen to this amazing and touching Christmas Song dedicated especially to our by TROOPS by the hit patriotic band Madison Rising!


If youre familiar with our annual Troopathon fundraiser for the troops, you’re probably familiar with acclaimed musician David Bray and his patriotic band Madison Rising. They have been featured on several Troopathon broadcasts and we’re proud to sing their praises. A patriotic rock band is not something you see every day anymore, so support Madison Rising just as you support Move America Forward!

Madison Rising has a very touching Christmas song that they’ve dedicated to our troops, for the sacrifices they make on our behalf. Click below to listen and prepare to be inspired to support the men and women of the US military all over again!

Now that you’ve listened to that amazing song, how about sponsoring a care package to support those brave troops still overseas!?

Good Day Sacramento at MAF

Care Packages Shipping Today!! Take Advantage of Your Last Chance to Send Today!


Yesterday we had our biggest holiday shipment to the troops for Christmas, with 1500 care packages going out! It was a great day here at MAF with over a dozen volunteers taking part in the effort and local media coming out to see the whole operation.

If you missed it, don’t worry. There’s still time to sponsor a care package and get it to our troops for Christmas. If you haven’t donated yet, don’t wait! Show the troops how much you care by sending a box full of great Christmas items.

Here’s a video that the crew of “GOOD DAY SACRAMENTO” put together about our care packages!

Click above to play this video!
Here’s some photos of our volunteers hard at work, packing boxes full of goodies, taping them up, applying labels and getting them stacked up and ready for shipment!

Despite claims that the war is drawing to a close, there are still over 10,000 troops serving, training Afghanistan security forces or advising the Iraqi army in their fight against ISIS, so care packages are still needed. Move America Forward has noticed a sharp increase in the number of care package requests received on our website during the holidays.

Only 7 days remain between now and Christmas Day, so we are running out of time to reach our goal of $60,000! So far we’ve raised $25,998 towards our goal so we’re almost halfway there! Please donate to help us keep our momentum going strong so we can reach our goal on Christmas Day!

We’ve set our Christmas goal to $60,000!

Help Us Beat Last Year’s Christmas Goal!
$60,000 to Support the Troops!

We’ve been offering Christmas care packages since the beginning of the month, but now we’ve set a goal to see if we can top last year’s total number of care packages sent to the troops!

If we can raise $60,000 this Christmas, we’ll be able to do it! If you have not yet, please consider making a donation today to support these brave men and women won’t be home with their families for the holidays.

We have over 10,000 troops that will be spending Christmas on deployment to Afghanistan or Iraq. There’s also thousands more troops deployed all around the Middle East and other terror hotspots around the world.

We’ve already raised about $5,390 towards our goal so we’re off to a good start, but we still have a long way to go if we want to reach our goal by Christmas!

Please send this e-mail to your family and friends to get them involved!

While we fill out our Christmas wish lists, many of our troops are thankful for just being alive because they realize that not all that serve are so lucky. They are fully aware of the risks they take and dangers they face every day, but do so willingly for our safety.  For this, they deserve a small token of our appreciation around the holidays.

The holidays are the loneliest time of the year for many people serving in a normal capacity, but imagine if you are serving in the military thousands of miles from home in a foreign land. While many members of our military have supportive and loving families that send them stuff throughout the year, many do not and get very lonely, especially during the holidays.


We’ve heard over and over again from military men and women that the care package they received from us was the only piece of mail or support they have received all year and it meant the world to them.

Santa helping to deliver our care packages along with Operation Care

We also continually hear that our troops really appreciate the great items that we include in our care packages, but the most appreciated item is the personalized letter from YOU that you can fill out and thank them for their service or let them know you support them.
Please help us bring a little holiday cheer to our brave men and women of the military by sending them support from home today–it might be the only mail they get all year.

Think about how lonely it can get for our troops in Afghanistan, many are on isolated bases where they cannot easily keep in contact with their families back home. Some troops hardly ever receive mail from home, some troops sadly never get anything,
Around Christmas time, our troops miss their families more than ever. They sacrifice that time with their families in order to protect us, but sometimes they still get homesick.

Pearl Harbor 74th Anniversary

Today is the 74th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Thousands of Veterans and their families gathered at Pearl Harbor for a moment of silence at 7:55 A.M. this morning, the exact time that the first Japanese bombs hit 74 years ago. The men and women of the “Greatest Generation” earned that name after the horrific and cowardly attack on Pearl Harbor during the morning hours of Dec. 7, 1941. Those brave Americans rose to the occasion and restored freedom and order to the world.

As we remember the surprise attacks by the Japanese that led to so many American lives being lost and launched United States into World War II, we are of course reminded of the terror attack on September 11th, 2001.  As FDR described the attack on Pearl Harbor, 9/11 is a date which will live in infamy. Sadly we must also add to that list numerous other attacks that followed, such as the attack in San Bernardino, California on December 2nd.

Today, the NEW Greatest Generation is now on the ground, in the seas, and in the air fighting Muslim Jihadists who brought war to America’s homeland on Sept. 11, 2001. Scores upon scores of patriotic men and women joined the Armed Forces after September 11th, and fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have sacrificed their lives, just as our troops did in World War II.


We must never forget. We must give thanks to our fighting
Armed Forces. Sponsor a special Christmas themed care package today.

Every care package is personalized with a special note from you, and is
full of the items our troops want. Coffee, cookies, and Christmas goodies!!

After Pearl Harbor, and again after 9/11, our troops fought fiercely to destroy enemies who threaten America. The cost of freedom is never cheap, it is paid for by the sacrifice of many brave young men and women who pay the ultimate price for our freedom. We must remain eternally grateful and show our appreciation to those who risk their lives every day.

It has been a long and difficult road for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan; they have fought so hard and sacrificed so much, but in that sacrifice they have won many stunning victories, and accomplished things they were told could not be done. For that we are grateful and blessed to live in a nation protected by such courageous individuals. Please remember those troops today, and offer your support.

Each Christmas & Holiday Care Package comes with a Christmas stocking, hot cocoa & cider, and sweet stripes candy canes!



Introducing Christmas and Holiday Care Packages

Introducing: Christmas an
Holiday Care Packages for the Troops

We are rapidly approaching the biggest holiday of the year. Yes we’re talking about Christmas. It seems like it snuck up on us, doesn’t it?It’s easy to lose track of time as we plan our holiday get-togethers and shop for gifts, but we can’t let ourselves forget about the most important people who deserve a gift this season – our troops.There are about 10,000 troops in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as thousands more deployed in various hot spots around the Middle East. These brave men and women won’t be home with their families for the holidays, they’ll be spending Christmas protecting our freedoms.


We hear time and time again from our military care package recipients how much they appreciate our care packages and how much it means to them to know that people from back home took the time to think of them.Just imagine what it would be like to know someone loves and supports you while you are on patrol, standing guard or just a few months away from coming home. Make your gift today and send the support you know they deserve, with a tax deductible donation. Your Santa Stocking could be the one that reminds them of being home by the fireplace. Your fresh gourmet Peppermint coffee could be what reminds them of home.

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today We Give Thanks to All Those Who Serve and Protect Us

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. This year, just like you, we want to take the time to thank all those we are thankful for. Move America Forward is thankful to each and every person who takes the time to support our troops and help us support them in Iraq, Afghanistan, or elsewhere around the world. We are so honored to have received so much help during the last two months from you. It’s helped us meet the ever growing need from individual troops that wanted a care package. As you know over 10,000 troops today are deployed in either Iraq or Afghanistan and several thousand more are in various hot spots around the Middle East. While our troops are not the focus in the news, they are still the focus of MAF and we will never forget our troops.

Troops all over the world are opening Care Packages TODAY that were sponsored by you, assembled by you and most importantly reading messages from you.

For anyone who donates $99 or more, we are sending out a special commemorative Troop Support Magnet to stick on your car, truck, refrigerator or anywhere else you want to show off your support for the troops!


This year, make sure to add a word about our troops in your Thanksgiving prayers as we sit around the table with our loved ones. And be sure to sponsor a Care Package from Move America Forward to send a little bit of Thanksgiving cheer to our troops fighting over in Afghanistan! Here is an example of a few words you can add into your prayers.

Oh God, when I have food, help me remember the hungry.
When I have a home, help me remember the homeless.
When I am with friends and family who love me,
help me remember those who are friendless and shunned.
And remembering, help me destroy my complacency,
move my heart and reach out by word and deed
to those who cry out for what we take for granted.
Thank you, Lord, for the courage and selfless service of our military troops.
Thank you for their dedication in the face of difficulties and challenges.
Thank you for their families.
We pray that all of our servicemen and women will experience
Your mercy each day, and come home safely.


Every single package includes a personal message from the person who donated. It reaches out to our troops in a very personal way and means a whole lot to the man or woman who received it. Here are some examples of personal messages to the troops written by our supporters.

— May God Bless and protect you all. A proud American due to your efforts!

— Our family is thankful that you are willing to fight for our freedoms. We thank you for all your sacrifices. Please be safe and hopefully have a wonderful holiday season. We are truly grateful to you. Best wishes and we pray for you every day.

— We thank you AND your families for your service to our country. I pray every night that God will watch over you all and bring you home safely.

Tell the troops you care for them and will be thinking of them, that your whole family will be thinking of them by sponsoring a care package!

For anyone who donates over $99, we are sending out a special commemorative Troop Support Magnet to stick on your car, truck, refrigerator or anywhere else you want to show off your support for the troops!


TF Shadow Writes Back to Say Thank You

Troops in Afghanistan Thankful for….YOU! 

It’s truly amazing that despite everything our troops sacrifice and do for us, they are still gracious enough to take the time to write back and THANK US just for supporting them. While it’s the troops themselves who deserve all the thanks and gratitude, it is still nice to hear back from those we support and learn about their stories and how much the support we send makes an impact on their daily lives.

With THANKSGIVING coming up in only THREE DAYS we wanted to send you a recent THANKS we received from some troops overseas, to illustrate the importance of what this support means to our men and women in uniform overseas, so far from their families over the Holidays.

If you ever had doubts about whether or not these care packages make a difference, be reassured, they make an enormous impact and boost morale for troops that need it now more than ever!

Three days left to send Thanksgiving Support

There are only THREE days to go until our troops overseas will be celebrating another Thanksgiving in deployment. Over 10,000 American troops will spend Thanksgiving in Iraq and Afghanistan, or elsewhere in the Middle East. They will be missing their families, and have only their fellow troops to break bread with at Thanksgiving dinner.Remember our troops overseas, and the families they left behind who will be saying grace with an empty chair at the table this year.

We know from years of experience supporting the troops that the holidays can be the loneliest and most difficult time of the year for deployed troops.

Nothing makes you miss your loved ones more than the memories of spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with family, and knowing that they won’t be home to watch their kids eat pumpkin pie or open their presents on Christmas morning.

This year, let’s make sure to THANK our troops and PRAY FOR THEM as we sit around the table with our loved ones to say grace and eat a bountiful feast
. Sponsor a Care Package from Move America Forw

ard to send a little bit of Thanksgiving cheer to our troops fighting over in Afghanistan! These packages are filled with the same great list of goodies and personal care products, plus some special Thanksgiving treats like Turkey Jerky, Holiday Coffee, Hot Cocoa and Candy Corn.

It’s the least we can do to help remind them of home and let them know that we support them! Please send them your support and items they can’t get in Afghanistan.

For anyone who donates over $99, we are sending out a special commemorative Troop Support Magnet to stick on your car, truck, refrigerator or anywhere else you want to show off your support for the troops!

The French Police Dog Who Was Killed in Anti-ISIS Raid

Seven Days Until Thanksgiving Send Our Troops Support Now!

We know from years of experience supporting the troops that the holidays can be the loneliest and most difficult time of the year for deployed troops.Nothing makes you miss your loved ones more than the memories of spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with family, and knowing that they won’t be home to watch their kids eat pumpkin pie or open their presents on Christmas morning.

For anyone who donates over $99, we are sending out a special commemorative Troop Support Magnet to stick on your car, truck, refrigerator or anywhere else you want to show off your support for the troops!

With only SEVEN DAYS to go until our troops overseas will be celebrating another Thanksgiving on deployment, we wanted to remind you about another kind of warrior that you shouldn’t forget; the four-legged kind. Military Working Dogs have assisted U.S. troops overseas since the very beginning of the War on Terror.

Military K9 teams fill specialized roles such as patrols, guarding important buildings and sniffing out roadside bombs…Move America Forward recognizes and honors Military Working Dogs and the troops who train and work alongside them. Since 2010, MAF has been sending specialized K-9 Care Packages for those military dogs and the handlers who work alongside them.

K-9 Care packages include all of the normal great items included in a normal care package that our troops enjoy and need PLUS eye-protecting “Doggles Originalz” specifically designed for our furry troops and Petsport “Tuff” Balls.Sponsor a K9 Care Package today!
‘Not all heroes are human’: French police dog killed in raid
November 18, 2015
by Mary Bowerman and Kim Hjelmgaard
A police dog named “Diesel” was killed during a police raid on Wednesday that targeted the suspected mastermind of deadly terror attacks in Paris.On social media, the hashtag #JeSuisChien, which means “I am dog,” began trending worldwide on Twitter as people tweeted tributes to the dog.The hashtag was used over 55,000 times after the dog’s death was announced and is a nod to the #JeSuisCharlie hashtag that was used after the January terror attack at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.The 7-year-old Belgian Shepherd was killed sometime during the seven-hour siege on an apartment in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis; French police tweeted on Wednesday.

Police posted a photo of Diesel and said, “assault and explosives search dogs are indispensable in the missions of the operators of the RAID.”

The raid ended Wednesday with the arrest of seven people with suspected links to the Paris attacks. Two other suspects, including a female suicide bomber who detonated explosives as police entered the apartment, were killed.

Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said phone data and eyewitness statements led police to the apartment as part of the manhunt for Abaaoud.

On Twitter, one woman wrote, “A dog sacrificing his life for a battle caused by men… He truly can be called our best friend #RIPDiesel#JeSuisChien.”