Care Package Program – Items


Our Care Package Program has delivered over 215 tons of care packages to the front lines of Afghanistan and Iraq. In partnership with our supporters each Care Package comes with a wide array of popular items requested by our troops.

But most importantly, each care package includes a personal message from you!!!

20130412_jellybelly“Candy Diplomacy” Jelly Beans: One of our most requested items these gourmet Jelly Beans are used as a diplomatic tool for our troops or just as a snack. They are specifically flavored to appeal in the Middle East and each display the following message in English, Arabic, and Pashto, A gift from the American people in hope that your country will one day enjoy the freedom and opportunities that we have in the United States.”

20130412_coffeeFreedom Blend Coffee: Custom Blended and Roasted to be BOLD and STRONG just like the troops. This pre-ground, premium coffee is custom roasted by a local Sacramento Coffee Shop and specially bagged with love for the troops. ‘Freedom Blend’  gourmet coffee is a big hit on the front lines, thanking the troops one hot brewed cup at a time.

20130412_hooahsHoo-Ahhs Field Towels: Originally developed for military personnel, these strong, unscented, aloe-based moistened towels clean up the toughest dirt and grime without breaking apart like paper based towelettes. In Afghanistan, these single packets, warmed by body heat, can give the troops a much welcomed “hot bath” in the field. The only thing better is running water.

20130412_onesourceMilitary OneSource: Every deploying troop is briefed on these free services before they leave and we are proud to include their informational packet in each of our Care Packages. Through the Department of Defense, Military OneSource provides comprehensive information on every aspect of military life including deployment, reunion, relationships, grief, spouse employment and education, parenting and child care, and much more.

In addition each Care Package comes with a mix of other requested items, treats, and hygiene products along with seasonal treats and items.


Small Pack Serves 1-2  ||  Large Pack Serves 3-4  ||  Squad Pack Serves 8-10

Platoon Pack Serves 15-20  ||  Company Pack Serves 25-30  ||  Battalion Pack Serves 50-60 

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