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Andrew Breitbart was our friend, our colleague, and leader in supporting America’s troops, and today we celebrate a cause that he held close to his heart – supporting our military. One of the primary drivers that motivated Andrew to fight so hard, was an appreciation for the sacrifices made by the troops for our freedoms.

One of the biggest ways Andrew supported the troops was by participating in The Troopathon every year. From 2008-2011 Andrew helped support this amazing effort to send care packages to our troops overseas. He was instrumental in making it a success and co-hosted the event in 2009, 2010, and 2011. He was scheduled to co-host again in 2012 before he was suddenly taken from us.


Andrew Breitbart on Troopathon Throughout the Years

Andrew clearly understood the need to have a public expression of support for the troops. He never, ever wanted another Vietnam Syndrome to affect the United States when our troops went unappreciated and even scorned by some for their service to our country. He was never afraid to say that he supported the troops or their missions overseas, and he fought for them tirelessly until the day he died.

Last year’s 5th annual Troopathon was dedicated to his memory, and this year we are proud to announce that will be continuing that support of Troopathon by having Editor-in-Chief Larry O’Connor taking Andrew’s place as a co-host!

The 6th annual Troopathon: “Salute our Troops” will be held on June 27th and Larry will be in Yorba Linda, California to co-host the event with
Governor Mike Huckabee, Melanie Morgan and Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee.
Please continue to support The Troopathon, it’s our way of saying thanks to the brave men and women of our armed forces who put their lives in hamr’s way every day to protect the freedoms and liberties that Andrew cherished so dearly.Each donation of a care package means that one lucky soldier over in Afghanistan will receive a care package full of coffee, cookies, gatorade, beef jerky, personal care items and a message of support and gratitude from you!


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Help us get the word out about Troopathon and our efforts to support our military men and women overseas.

Donate any size care package and sign up for this free gun giveaway. The final day to enter is June 26th at 11:59pm so make a donation or sign up before that time and you will be automatically entered into the drawing.

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