Soldiers Reunite with K9 Battle Buddies

Soldiers Reunite with K9 “Battle Buddies”

Move America Forward has a special program to support the military war dogs and their handlers over in Afghanistan.

We’re so proud that these two troops can be reunited with the K9 soldiers they bonded with over in Afghanistan, but don’t forget we still have hundreds of military dogs still over there, working with US troops.

Nothing brings a serviceman or woman more joy than knowing that someone back home is thankful and thinking of them while they are on deployment.

Care packages include a wonderful array of high quality food, snacks, and hygiene items that troops overseas consistently request. Click Here to Send One Today.

Soldiers Reunite with the Dogs they Served with in Iraq and Afghanistan
by Arlette Saenz
ABC News
July 23

They’re the four-legged veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – military war dogs, doing everything from sniffing out explosive devices on the battlefield to providing companionship to soldiers during wartime.
“This is my best friend. This is my partner. This is my battle buddy,” Army Staff Sgt. Jason Bos told ABC News of his dog Cila. The two partners reunited in April after serving together on nearly 100 missions in Iraq.

“Her and I deployed together, the two of us, so we moved from one base to another, and we worked with people every day we didn’t really know, so this is my friend,” Bos explained. “I wanted her back and I did whatever I could to do that.”

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant James Harrington was awarded a Bronze Star medal after serving alongside dog Ryky in Afghanistan, where the two helped injured soldiers escape an ambush.

“Both of our training just kicked in and we did what we were trained to do without thinking,” Harrington told ABC News. “She saved me and other soldiers, and now she’s going to continue to save me emotionally as we go along.”

Ryky eventually earned a K9 Medal for Exceptional Service for her actions in Afghanistan.  After reuniting in June, Harrington, who suffers from PTSD, says Ryky will help him on his road to recovery.

Since 9/11, over 3,600 dogs have served in the military, with close to 2,000 dogs currently serving through various branches of the military. Earlier this year, the Army said 578 dog teams had served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Military Working Dogs are instrumental in sniffing out IEDs, bomb making materials, patrolling, or standing guard. It’s as dangerous for these K9s as it is for our soldiers, especially in the harsh environment of Afghanistan. Our K9 care packages include special dog-goggles to protect their eyes from dust storms, booties to protect their paws from the rocks and hot ground, and finally some doggy treats to enjoy for a job well done.

K9 Care packages include eye-protective dog goggles and scrumptious doggie treats in addition to the wonderful array of high quality people food, snacks, and hygiene items that troops overseas consistently request. Click Here to Send One Today.

Coach K and Diana Falzone Troopathon Videos

Video from Troopathon Featuring “Coach K” Mike Krzyzewski

GREAT NEWS! If you missed Troopathon, we’ve got the video from one of our biggest supporters in the world of college athletics. Duke University’s most famous basketball coach of all time — Mike Krzyzewski! Coach K was a major contributor for the Troopathon for yet another year in 2014!

Coach K is one of basketball’s most beloved names. After enlisting in the Army he studied at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point where he was Captain of the West Point Men’s Basketball Team in his Senior year. After serving as an artillery officer he retired from active duty and began coaching basketball full time. He coached the Indiana Hoosiers for one year, then returned to West Point to coach the Army Cadets before being named head coach of the Duke University team in 1980.

Coach K went on to lead Duke to an amazing 4 NCAA Championships. He has also coached the TEAM USA Men’s Olympic Basketball team  and won Gold Medals for the United States in 2008 and 2012! We are proud to have him as one of Troopathon’s most important supporters!

You can help make the daily routine of our troops serving in Afghanistan a little better.

Nothing brings a serviceman or woman more joy than knowing that someone back home is thankful and thinking of them while they are on deployment. Care packages include a wonderful array of high quality food, snacks, and hygiene items that troops overseas consistently request. Click Here to Send One Today.

Video from Troopathon
Featuring Diana Falzone

Diana Falzone is a national talk show host for, “DeVore and Diana” on Maxim Radio Sirius Satellite. DeVore and Diana talk about pop culture, politics, and current events, and feature celebrity guests and best selling authors. She has modeled for many top tier magazines such as Maxim and Mixed. She’s also a Fox News contributor, frequent guest on Red Eye and can be seen as a relationship expert on several Fox News shows.
Diana has a blog on, My Wingman Diana, where she offers advice to lovelorn servicemen and servicewoman. She also helps the USO and other military charities on a regular basis including participating in Troopathon for the past two years!

We can’t let our troops think we’ve forgotten them! There are over 33,000 men and women serving in Afghanistan. Please make a donation today to send more care packages to the troops and also help us reach our goal!

Suicide Bombers Kill 16 in Afghanistan – 4 NATO Troops

Taliban Suicide Bombers Kill 16 in Blast. 4 NATO Troops Dead, Another Seriously Injured.

Violence by the Taliban in Afghanistan continues throughout this week and reminds us that the War in Afghanistan is not going away – it’s heating up during the summer time as the Taliban and Al Qaeda become more active and aggressive.

CBS/AP July 8, 2014, 7:25 AMKABUL, Afghanistan – An Afghan official said at least 16 people, including four Czech soldiers, were killed Tuesday in a suicide attack near a clinic in eastern Afghanistan.The Czech Ministry of Defense confirmed that four Czech troops were killed and another was badly wounded in the blast.Wahid Seddiqi, spokesman for the provincial governor of Parwan province said the soldiers, at least 10 civilians, and two police officers were killed when a suicide bomber attacked Afghan and foreign forces near Charakar, the provincial capital

This violence proves that the war in Afghanistan is not ‘winding down’ as some reporters say. It’s still very much an active war and a dangerous place for all of our 33,000 troops still fighting.

We cannot allow our support for the troops to wane or diminish. Send a care package of support our troops and remind them that we support their efforts!

July Monthly Newsletter 2014 Troopathon Special

Thanks to your continued support and efforts to spread the word, we have now raised $347,002 allowing us to up our goal to $350,000 for the troops! We are making every effort to reach this goal by the end of the day.

If you haven’t donated yet, do so now, and if you have made a contribution please send out this information to friends and family who may be interested in joining our effort.

Troopathon 7 Proves to be a Big Winner for Our Troops!

On June 25, 2014, MAF held our 7th Annual Troopathon event broadcast life from the Ronald Regan Library in Simi Valley, California.  Thanks to all who took the time to watch and respond to our drive to send our deployed troops much needed packages.

Thank you for all the support from everyone here at Move America Forward. On behalf of our hosts, Melanie Morgan, Stephen K. Bannon, John McCaslin, Debbie Lee, all of our staff, and most of all our troops on the front lines, thank you for your support!

If you missed out on Troopathon, you can STILL donate to help us reach our goal

We’d also like to thank some of our very special Troopathon Angels for their generous contributions

  • Katherine Gray
  • Freddie Morrill
  • Jane White
  • Gary Sinise
  • Trent Balke
  • Rich Wacker
  • Sandra Boyce
  • Nancy & Roy Trillo
  • Robert Calcagno
  • Rogers Family Coffee
  • Lucia Uihlein
  • Susan Conklin
  • John Franlin
  • Audrey Schwarzbein
  • Donald Rumsfeld
  • Conoco Phillips
  • Richard Uihlein
MAF extends a Very Special Thank you to our Troopathon Mystery Donor

We wanted to extend a very special thank you to our “Mystery Donor” who made an anonymous donation of $50,000.00 toward the Troopathon for care package for our soldiers. We may not know exactly who to thank but we did want to take the time to point out your generous donation that will put care packages into the hands of so many deserving and grateful troops.

Although we wish we had the space to thank each and every donor personally, rest assured that all of our donors have made a tremendous impact that will enable us to send out thousands of troop support packages to our troops serving in harm’s way.

Didn’t have a chance to watch Troopathon live?  Catch some of our highlights here

Rogers Family Company Donation of a Tape Machine Makes Preparing our Packages for Shipment so Much Easier!

A Heartfelt thanks goes out to Rogers Family Company as they continue to support Move America Forward’s efforts to support our troops through their generous donations financially , and materially through their consistent donation. At MAF we are proud to include Rogers Family Company in each of our care packages to our deployed troops.

Recently Rogers Family Company saw our need to ramp up our ability to efficiently put together packages.  Thanks to Rogers Family Company MAF can really bang out the boxes with a brand new industrial tape machine. During especially high production times like Troopathon this new tape machine will make our job of assembling much needed care packages for our troops so much easier to achieve.


Big Congrats to our Weber Grill and SF 49ers Limited Edition Football Troopathon Winners!

As part of our fund raising efforts for Troopathon 7 held June 27, 2013, Move America Forward received generous donations of a limited edition San Francisco 49ers Football from the 49ers and a Weber SPIRIT® E-310™gas grill from Weber Grill.

We are pleased to announce that our Troopathon Giveaway winners have been selected and thanks to their generous donations to the troops will be receiving special prizes from two very special organizations that went above and beyond this year to help Move America Forwards 6th Annual Troopathon!!!

Congratulations: Christopher Haag of Tampa, Florida

Christopher’s donation qualified him to win the limited edition Wilson “The Duke” Military Appreciation 49ers Football with a camouflage NFL ribbon on the side

Congratulations: Kimberly Granger of Dallas, Texas

Her generous Donation to the troops qualified and won a brand new Weber SPIRIT® E310™Gas Grill from the leaders in American Grilling.


Special Thanks go out toTroopathon Event Sponsors:

•    Breitbart News Network

•    The Rogers Family Company

•    Stag Arms

•    Weber Grill

•    Paradies


Happy 237th Birthday America!

“The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men.” Samuel Adams, - Essay in the Boston Gazette, October 14, 1771

STAG ARMS Aims to Support Troops Overseas

To help support TROOPATHON and send more care packages to the troops, Firearms Manufacturer STAG ARMS partnered with MAF to give away a FREE AR-15 rifle, valued at over $900. The winner, Wayne Dupree, an 8 year Air Force veteran who lives in Maryland, can choose any one of three available STAG ARMS models in left-handed or right-handed configuration.

“Winning this Stag Arms Rifle during Troopathon 2014 was the cake on the table for me but the icing was gathering social media together and giving them a way to make donations to my military brothers and sisters in the way of care packages.” said Mr. Dupree

“I was in the military for eight years and I know first hand what a care package will do especially in times when you are lonely or homesick. It was a great honor to have helped them and win this rifle. While in the USAF I was expert with the M-16 and .38 so this is something I will treasure always.” said Dupree, after being notified that he was the winner of the STAG ARMS AR-15 giveaway.

“Stag Arms has always been a supporter of the troops not just with discounts on purchases for our servicemen but in donations to pro-troop initiatives like Troopathon. We were honored to have their support and because of their generosity more troops overseas will receive support through care packages this Summer.” said Scott Raab, Operations Director in charge of coordinating care package shipments overseas.  “Without wonderful sponsors like STAG ARMS we wouldn’t have been able to raise over $300,000 to support our troops.”

Freedom is one of the most precious gifts that we as Americans enjoy. I think that freedom often is taken for granted. The majority of Americans haven’t had to pay anything or sacrifice to secure the freedoms we enjoy every day. The patriots and Veterans who have borne the price and sacrificed greatly to obtain those are a small percentage.

Our family has selflessly stepped up and made that oath to defend us against enemies foreign and domestic. My oldest son Kristofer served as a Marine, my son-in-law in the Army. my brother Jim in the Air Force serving 12 deployments and my youngest son a Navy SEAL Marc who gave his life on the battlefield in Ramadi, Iraq 8-2-06.

Since Marc’s death I have dedicated my life to honoring and supporting our troops
and the families of the fallen. Our heroes who defend us deserve the very best support we can give them. We must never forget the sacrifices made for us!!

This past month we were joined by patriots around the US who also understand who pays the price for our freedoms. We hosted Troopathon 7 on June 25th at the Reagan library and raised over $300,000.00 to send care packages and a message to our troops serving that we will never forget who pays the price for our freedoms.

Melanie Morgan and I have co-hosted each Troopathon and this year we were joined by Steve Obannon from and John McCaslin. My dear friend Gary Sinise joined us from 3-4pm as a co-host.

Gary Sinise has been so faithful supporting our troops through the years. He is the Bob Hope of this generation. A humble man who always deflects the praise he receives back to the troops and the families of the fallen. I am blessed to have his friendship and support.

As we celebrate the 4th of July and our independence as a country I would encourage you to remember the sacrifices made for our freedoms. My son Marc and numerous others willingly gave their lives defending each one of you and our precious freedoms.

Marc’s last letter home was written just shortly after the 4th of July in 2006. That letter has inspired millions of people around the world.  Marc talks about the great country we live in and the obligation we have to keep it that way “however what I do over here is only a small percent of what keeps our country great. I think the truth to our greatness is each other. Purity, morals and kindness passed down to each generation through example. So to all my family and friends, do me a favor, pass on the kindness, the love, the precious gift of human life to each other……This is our real part to keep America free!”

As Americans we are freedom seekers, and we must never forget to honor and thank those who have paid the price for our freedoms.

May God richly bless our warriors and their families.
Debbie Lee


Calling all Troops!
Signing up to receive packages is easy!

If you are deployed or have the address of a deployed military member, you can click here for our Military Sign Up Center to sign them up to receive one of our great care packages loaded with plenty of the TLC our soldiers need to remind them that people back home support their mission.

If you prefer, copy this link ( ) and e-mail it to your soldier. Once the soldier has registered they’ll be eligible to receive packages and messages of support from caring Americans like you.

Troopathon really helped put packages in the hands of our troops but we could really use more of our supporters to join our Monthly Smiles Program. Please consider joining Monthly Smiles and we will do all the work to make sure your package goes out each mont to our deserving troops.

If you are interested in joining just email our Director of Troops Support, Lisa Baron and she will contact you to get all the necessary information.  Lisa can be reached on her direct line at 843-532-4365 or through her email at (remember to add her to your safe sender list so she doesn’t end up in your SPAM!


Salute Our Military Dads

Salute Our Military Dads

Today is Father’s Day and it’s not too late to do something nice for military dads out there. Many military dads are spending today overseas unable to see their sons and daughters. Whether sons serving overseas, making their fathers proud, or dads serving to protect their families, we pray for the safety and success of all our troops this Father’s Day.


There are over 33,000 troops in Afghanistan serving today in harm’s way. Many of them are military dads away from their families today. Support them and
send a care package NOW and help MAF reach our goal of $300,000 for this year’s Troopathon! Please hurry as time is running out to reach our goal! Please DONATE TODAY. Our troops are counting on us, don’t let them down!

Take the time today to honor the thousands of military families who spent Father’s Day away from each other, because Dad is thousands of miles away fighting for the USA. All our troops deserve our love and support, why not say thanks by SENDING A THOUGHTFUL CARE PACKAGE full of great food and personal care items.

From a Ret. Army Colonel: A Father’s Day Far Away
By Col. Arthur C. Pace

Being a military father is a challenging role, and a daunting responsibility. These great Americans struggle to balance the calling of their country with the calling of their families. They rise before dawn to join their units for physical training. They return well into the evening when the day’s tasks are completed. They have little control over their day. They are routinely called to distant locations to train or to fight. One of the first sentences uttered by military children is often, “Goodbye Daddy.” Their wives realize – but choose not to think about – that each goodbye could indeed be the final one. Wives and children know that when their husband or father joined the military, he wrote a blank check to the United States, not for a dollar amount but rather in the currency of his own life. In his heart, he hopes the nation will never have to cash it.

Col. Arthur Pace joined American Bible Society in August 2012 as the director of the Armed Service Ministry after serving more than 30 years in the United States Army.



Quick reminder we still need your help to reach our Troopathon goal of $300,000 to send care packages to our troops on the front lines in Afghanistan. We’ve only raised $30,517 so far, so we still have a long way to go and only 10 days left until Troopathon to do it. Now is the time to dig deep and truly make a difference to help those troops who sacrifice so much on our behalf.


Taliban Destroy 25 Supply Trucks – Help Us Resupply the Troops!



The Taliban have been aggressively attacking multiple targets all over Afghanistan at the same time kicking off their annual “Spring Offensive”! USA TODAY reported that a Taliban spokesman was quoted saying “THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING”.

The recent violence in Jalalabad, Afghanistan shows that this will continue to be a bloody and violent Summer. Taliban forces attacked a major NATO resupply base and set fire to 25 trucks with supplies bound for NATO troops in need.


Taliban militants have attacked a NATO convoy carrying supplies to the US-led forces in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Nangarhar.

At least 25 vehicles were torched overnight when the assailants, who were armed with firearms and explosive belts, attacked the trucks at a terminal in the city of Jalalabad. Three assailants and two Afghan security forces were killed in a gun battle that followed.

In March, the militant group also announced the start of its annual “spring offensive” on foreign forces.

Losing 25 trucks means hundreds of tons of supplies have been lost – thats vital ammo, equipment, food and mail that our troops needed, now gone. It’s even possible that some MAF care packages were burned in the fires.

Can we band together and replace some of these much-needed supplies burned in the Taliban raid?

Help our troops replace the supplies lost in the 25 burned trucks! We must support our troops during these very violent and dangerous times.

Don’t forget that our troops are in harm’s way everyday! Today, please sponsor a care package for one of the 33,000 U.S. troops serving in Afghanistan.


The June Monthly Newsletter is Here!

Memorial Day 2014 was spent remembering our fallen heroes in Dallas with patriots from young to old, mixed nationalities and faiths, Veterans, and other Gold star families. These were patriots who understood the real meaning of Memorial Day or were trying to educate their friends and family as to why Memorial Day is a national holiday.

I joined with Fellowship Church in Grapevine Texas on Saturday and Sunday as they focused on our warriors who gave all of their tomorrows defending our freedoms so that we could enjoy ours today.

The service opened with a brief reminder of the personal sacrifice our family knew that was given by my son Marc. I then called the Color Guard forward representing each branch of our military who have brothers who fell in combat. Throughout the service people were reminded of the sacrifices made by so many.

After the message I made a presentation of a folded flag flown over the US Capitol in Marc’s memory and Marc’s framed last letter home. It was a small token of gratitude to Fellowship Church led by Ed and Lisa Young, true patriots. As faithful supporters of our troops and families of the fallen this church has impacted and deeply touched our warriors and their families.

A quick bite to eat and then off to Carry the Load to begin a 20 hour and 14 minute walk. I walked 21 miles last year but this year only walked about 5 miles because of issues with my knees. Those who walk are “carrying the load” of a fallen loved one, friend, or teammate. As I did last year, I carried Marc Lee and Chris Kyle.

It was a cloudy overcast afternoon but we had only a spattering of rain so I decided to head out. I was about 2 1/2 miles out when the sky broke open and it began to pour. I turned around and walked a little bit faster to get out of the rain. By the time I walked back the 2 1/2 miles I was drenched. I looked down at the pictures of Marc and Chris that I had pinned to my t-shirt and was disappointed that I hadn’t laminated them and now they were ruined. It wasn’t long when I remembered that Marc’s favorite weather to play soccer in was in the rain. He was loving it. This was his element!!!

When I got back and under cover, the pictures were ripping because they were so wet. As I removed the safety pins holding the pictures on I realized that the rain had caused the color from the pictures to bleed onto my t-shirt. What a perfect analogy, our warriors bled for us.

I had the opportunity to meet so many amazing patriots that I had met before at other events. I met others who were also carrying Marc and had his picture or memorial t-shirt on to honor and remember him.

I met other parents, widows, children or teammates who were carrying their fallen loved one. I was blessed to see Chris Kyle’s parents, and his brother and family who were marching to remember Chris. Others were there to teach their children the real meaning of Memorial Day and the price paid for our freedoms. It brought so much pride and comfort to see all of those who purposed to reclaim Memorial Day and dedicated time to never forget our fallen warriors.

The days leading up to Memorial Day and throughout the weekend, I liked every post I could find on FB about someone’s fallen hero, or what Memorial Day really means. I read numerous articles and posted on my FB some of our fallen warriors’ heroic stories.

I was watching a movie after Carry the Load titled Memorial Day, where a grandson had found his grandfather’s military war chest in the cellar. When his Grandmother saw him with it she chastised him and told him his Grandfather would be angry and that he better go put it back. He waited until she went in the house and carried it to his Grandfather who was sitting on the porch.

Grandfather clinched his teeth, swallowed hard told him it wasn’t his to go put it back. The child who was probably about 11 pushed it closer to his Grandfather. The Grandfather yelled at him you stubborn, hard headed child do as I say. To which the child replied, “It’s Memorial Day.” Your darn right it is,” replied the Grandfather with pain in his voice. The child then looked his Grandpa, who had kept this chest hidden for decades, and replied. “Then what am I supposed to remember?” The Grandpa knew the child was right and shared the stories of what was in the chest and his fallen brothers.

We have a responsibility to share our heroes stories or no one will know who to remember. I was blessed and honored to be able to share Marc’s story but to also hear so many stories of other heroes who died for my freedoms.

Throughout the weekend I received text messages, phone calls and pictures from those who stopped by Marc’s grave in San Diego to let me know they were remembering my hero. Thank you, that means so much.

To those who took the time to remember this year I salute you and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Debbie Lee

“Care Packages for our Heroes”
Troopathon 7 Partners up With and Sirius XM Radio to bring you live Coverage from the Ronald Regan Presidential Library!

This year’s Troopathon is hosted by Stephen K. Bannon, Executive Chairman of Breitbart News Network and host of Sirius XM’s Breitbart News shows. He will be joined by our Gary Sinise, a legendary troop supporter, actor, director and musician; Melanie Morgan, who has spent an entire career behind the microphone at KSFO radio in San Francisco; Iconic political columnist and radio personality John McCaslin, famed co-anchor of America’s Morning News and Gold Star Mother and MAF spokesperson Debbie Lee.

Come join us live for host the 6-hour Troopathon 7 broadcast live from  the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California!

Past Troopathon events have raised over $4.1 million for our troops. Last year, Troopathon raised over 300,000 but we’d like to break that total this year!!

Our Troopathon 7 Live event will kick off with returning host Melanie Morgan and her co-hosts. We’re still in the process of lining up this year’s guests, but you can be sure there will be some great names like past year’s guest list which included

Gene Simmons • Current Navy SEALs • Michelle Malkin • Laura Ingraham

Lars Larson • Mark Levin • Hulk Hogan • Ann Coulter • Sean Hannity Dr. Laura Schlessinger • Tammy Bruce • Governor Sarah Palin • Charlie Daniels John Ratzenberger • Kelsey Grammer • Gary Sinise • Jon Voight • Kevin Farley John Ondrasik • Gavin DeGraw • Adam Carolla • Rush Limbaugh • Pat Sajak Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski • Greg Gutfeld • Governor Mike Huckabee Monica Crowley • Gerald McRaney • Buzz Aldrin • Robert Davi • Wayne Newton Ambassador John Bolton • Dennis Miller

Gold Star mom, Debbie Lee will be returning to share her story about her son Marc Lee – Marc was the first Navy Seal to die during the war in Iraq. She has dedicated her life to supporting our troops and has done so with dignity and patriotism. Learn more about what Debbie is up to now in our “Debbie’s Corner” monthly  newsletter feature.

Life can be busy, so remember to save the date now! We will be sending out emails, posting on Facebook, and Tweeting to keep you posted as we line up this year’s  exciting guest list, so if you haven’t already, add us on Facebook and Twitter now. And as always, thank you for standing behind our troops and offering them the support they deserve!

Move America Forward is offering a FREE GUN GIVEAWAY to individuals who participate in our blogger competition to promote our Troopathon fundraiser for the troops. This is an exciting new way to really spread the word about Troopathon by giving people an incentive – a chance to win a free AR rifle from STAG ARMS one of the leading tactical rifle manufacturers in the world!  For the first time in our history, we are offering you the chance to win prizes that include paid trips along with the newest Apple technology on the market.

PLEASE HELP US by blogging about this on your own websites and social media followings! Sign yourself up, and get everyone who follows you to sign up! Then tune in on June 25th to see who wins and also to see how much money we can raise to support our troops in Afghanistan!

Calling all Troops!
Signing up to receive packages is easy!

If you are deployed or have the address of a deployed military member, you can click here for our Military Sign Up Center to sign them up to receive one of our great care packages loaded with plenty of the TLC our soldiers need to remind them that people back home support their mission.

If you prefer, copy this link and e-mail it to your soldier so they can sign up themselves. ( Once the soldier has registered they’ll be eligible to receive packages and messages of support from caring Americans like you.

Take Time to Thank Our Deployed Fathers

Most American Dads will wake up on Father’s Day knowing that they will enjoy spending time with their children and families and even their own dads on June 15th. But for our brave dads who will wake up that day with their children half a world away we would like to ask your help in remembering these brave men and honoring their sacrifice.

These men often miss major milestones like their child’s first step, or first word or their daughter’s prom or son’s graduation. The list is often long, countless birthdays and anniversaries, and holiday’s like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Sure, you might detect the wistful look in their eye as they recount the wonder of meeting their child for the first time after a long hard tour away from home, but you will also note the unmistakable tone of satisfaction which comes only from knowing that their sacrifice makes a difference. Many of our Deployed Dads will be celebrating Father’s Day alone this year, and for some it may be their very first Fathers Day as a dad.

They are proud to do their job, making sure their kids and everyone else’s are being watched over and protected by the greatest troops the world has ever known.

Let’s make sure these brave dads are looked after too!  Sponsor a care package for FATHER’S DAY on our website!

Don’t wait!  Father’s Day is June 15th and we want to make sure these brave heroes will have a package in hand to remind them how much they are appreciated! You will even be able to include your own heart-felt message of support!

Join us in Honoring our Dads this Father’s Day!.


Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue!

Saturday June 14th is National Flag Day; let’s remember to show our pride by flying Old Glory at our homes and business establishments.

As our way of honoring our deployed troops, Move America Forward has teamed up with FBS Industries, a leading U.S. maker of flags and banners to include a high quality 4″x 6″ flag in each of our troop packages ordered now through July 4th.

FBS owner Steve “Flagman” Woodke is a long-time troop supporter and as a former U.S. Marine, he was eager to help when we reached out to him.

“It”s ALL about giving back” said Woodke “Thanks to ALL of our past and present Hard-Chargers who have served in battle and in garrison…God Speed and May GOD BLESS AMERICA.”

Why not take the time to send our deployed troops a package now and we will be sure to include an FBS Industries United States mini-flag along with all the other goodies and necessities that help remind our troops that we have not forgotten them or the sacrifices they make on our behalf.

Thanks Steve aka Flagman and FBS INDUSTRIES




Thanks You Highlight
“It means more than words can honestly describe”

Troop Tweets

Are you on Twitter? Follow us @M_A_F to share your story, let others know how to donate and even request a care packages to be sent out for you. Stay informed on the latest news.  Use the #SOT and #CarePackage hashtags to let everyone know how to help.

So go ahead and tweet us a troop picture or support message @M_A_F and you just might find your tweet featured in one of our upcoming newsletter!

Did You Know???

June 1, 1660 – Mary Dyer, a Quaker activist and mother of eight was publicly hung in Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony for refusing to leave the colony in defiance of a law banning Quakers. Her body was buried in Boston Common in an unmarked grave.

June 4, 1942 – The Battle of Midway begins in the Pacific Theater of Operations during WWII. This battle under the command of Navy Admiral Chester Nimitz, Commander-In-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet marked the turning point in the war in the Pacific. The U.S. dealt the Japanese a devastating blow with Japanese casualties 10 times higher than U.S. casualties.

June 6, 1944 – D-Day, the largest amphibious landing in history, began in the early-morning hours as Allied forces landed in Normandy on the northern coast of France.

June 10, 1942 – Nazis execute all 172 males 16 years and older in the Czech village of Lidice as retaliation for the assassination of SS leader Reinhard Heydrich. The women and younger children were transported to concentration camps where most died. The Nazis then raised the village until no trace remained.

June 14, 1777 – Patriot John Adams introduced the Flag Resolution before Congress mandating a United States flag.  This anniversary is celebrated each year in the U.S. as National Flag Day.

June 20, 1782
– Congress officially adopted the Great Seal of the United States of America.

June 28, 1919 – World War I officially ended with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. Under the terms of the treaty, Germany was found solely to blame for the war and was dictated to cede Alsace-Lorraine and all overseas colonies. Additionally Germany was ordered to pay reparations of $15 Billion. The treaty also prohibited German rearmament.

Marines Take Up the Fight in Helmand Province

1st Battalion, 2nd Marines Take Up The Fight in Helmand Province, Afghanistan

Marines take control of the fight in southern Helmand province
By Cpl. Michael Dye
May 29, 2014

PATROL BASE BOLDAK, Afghanistan — Marines and sailors with Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, completed the turnover with 1st Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment, and took control over Patrol Base Boldak and its area of operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan, May 20, 2014.

“Charlie Company is tasked with disrupting insurgent forces in our assigned area of operations to prevent the enemy from interfering with operations aboard the Bastion-Leatherneck complex,” said Capt. Jared R.[redacted], Charlie company commander and native of Chewelah, Washington.

The patrol base is utilized as a center of operations for 1st Bn., 2nd Marines, placed between Camp Leatherneck to the north and the heaviest insurgent presence to the south.

“We are that last buffer from the insurgents before they (try to) get to the Leatherneck and Bastion area,” said 1st Sgt. Carlos A.[redacted], the company first sergeant and native of Los Angeles.

The company conducts daily security patrols to disrupt any enemy activity and interact with the Afghan populace, providing them with security from the Taliban forces.

Our Marines on the front lines need better food! Due to budget cuts and Obama’s withdrawal timetable their first and last meals of the day are being taken away! Marines in Afghanistan now only get lunch and dinner served hot, while breakfast, the most important meal of the day, only comes in the form of MRE’s which some soldiers would rather throw at the enemy than eat. Send a care package with good food now!

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The nation’s largest Pro-Troop grassroots organization Move America Forward called for the resignation of US Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs Eric Shinseki. Reacting to news of many failures at the Department of Veteran’s affairs, the group called the severity of the problems “staggering.”

“Today’s preliminary Inspector General’s report on the Department of Veteran’s Affairs clinics management practices is staggering.” said Scott Raab, Outreach Director for the group and an injured Navy veteran himself.

“The number of veterans that were denied medical care they needed is simply inexcusable. These stunning revelations call into question the accuracy of information provided to Congress on Veterans Health Affairs’ wait time performance. President Obama cannot delay to take all necessary steps to incorporate a new management team effectively immediately. Additionally, Present Obama must remove Secretary Eric Shinseki’s immediately from his post to restore some confidence in the Department.” said Raab.

“We are dismayed by the President’s insufficient attention to the VA problems. He said it was one of his highest priorities when entering his office in 2009. Our veterans need results, not rhetoric.” said Raab, who was diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury received in support of Operation Enduring Freedom / Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2007. “We need answers, we need new leadership and we need new accountability throughout the VA administration. Anything less would be unfair to the men and women who have sacrificially given so much to defend this great country.”

To arrange an interview with Scott Raab or any other MAF spokesperson, contact Danny Gonzalez at (714) 926-6189 or

Move America Forward, a registered 501(c)(3) charity, based in Sacramento, supports our troops and their missions in the war on terror. Move America Forward is supported by hundreds of thousands of pro-troop activists, veterans and military families across the nation. To date, they have shipped over 315 tons of care packages to our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama’s Plan of Fewer Than 10,000 Troops Falls Short: Shortsighted and Dangerous

Pro-Troop Group Says Obama’s Plan of Fewer Than 10,000 Troops Falls Short:
“Shortsighted and Dangerous…”
SACRAMENTO, Calif. –Move America Forward, the nation’s largest grassroots pro-troop organization called President Obama’s plan to leave a mere 9,800 troops in Afghanistan by the end of 2014, shortsighted and dangerous to American security. Which would effectively negate the tremendous accomplishments and achievements paid for in American blood, sweat and treasure over the last 10 years to ensure Afghanistan would never again become a fertile breeding ground for Islamic Extremists to launch an attack on American soil.“President Obama’s plan to leave only 9,800 troops by 2015, then only half that by 2016 falls well short of the estimates by top Generals and analysts who called for at least 12,000 troops,” said Danny Gonzalez, Director of Communications for the Move America Forward.“These terrorist groups are dangerous to America, we cannot afford to rely on Afghans alone to keep their growth in check. America has a vital strategic interest in making sure that Afghanistan can never again become a fertile breeding and training ground for extremists like Al Qaeda. President Obama’s assertion that the Afghan police can stop that from happening with such a small force of U.S. advisers to assist them, is wishful thinking and flies in the face of the advice of his own generals,”  continued Gonzalez.

“Not only do we need more troops, but we need to commit to keeping the Taliban at bay beyond 2016. Telling our enemies when we’re pulling our forces out is always a bad idea. Our organization still believes, as it has since 9/11, that so long as there yet exists a Taliban and Al Qaeda capable of attacking or endangering Americans at home or abroad, we must have a force of American troops sufficient in size and capability to address that threat. President Obama’s timetable let’s our enemy know how long they need to hold out for.”

“We will continue to support all of our troops on the front lines with care packages from home. Until the last soldier leaves, whether that happens next year or a decade from now, MAF will continue to support our troops in harm’s way. Out of concern for the safety of those troops Obama plans to leave in Afghanistan, we sincerely hope that President Obama reevaluates this strategy and does not leave our troops vulnerable after so much has been gain from year of sacrifice and dedication by our brave heroes. He should leave the proper number of troops demanded by ground conditions not political winds. Our troops deserve the time they need to complete their mission,” concluded Gonzalez.

To arrange an interview with MAF spokeswoman Debbie Lee please contact MAF Communications Director, Danny Gonzalez at (714) 926 – 6189 or e-mail

Move America Forward, a registered 501(c)(3) charity, based in Sacramento, supports our troops and their missions in the war on terror. Move America Forward is supported by hundreds of thousands of pro-troop activists, veterans and military families across the nation. To date, they have shipped over 300 tons of care packages to our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.