Al Jazeera Attacks U.S. Constitution

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Al Jazeera Attacks Founding
Fathers on Constitution Day

Constitution Day is the day we honor that ingenious living document set down by our forefathers which has successfully guided our people through complex and remarkable political change throughout the 226 years since its ratification.The Arab owned news agency Al Jazeera took the occasion to bash the Constitution, publishing an op-ed by American law professor Sanford Levinson in which he argues our Constitution “violates basic 21st-century presuppositions of democratic governance” Levinson goes on to argue that our Constitution is to blame for ‘political extremism’ and proposes that we need a new constitutional convention to rewrite the constitution and make it easier to change or amend. Perhaps then President Obama wouldn’t have to worry about violating a document which he himself has called “fundamentally flawed” in the past.

As an organization that supports the troops we find that extremely offensive to the millions of young men and women who have given their lives, their blood, sweat and toil to protect a 226 year old “fundamentally flawed” piece of paper.

On this Constitution Day, take some time to consider and appreciate what could be so special about the US Constitution that would make people give up so much to protect it.It is precisely because of the fact that it protects voting minorities of citizens from the tyranny of the masses and public opinion that can swing back and forth due to the news. Look at the many instances where liberals have used public tragedy to push their agendas. If people like Levinson had their way, Obama and colleagues like Rahm Emmanuel would take advantage of every crisis to push their sweeping liberal reforms that would fundamentally change America.Clearly our Founding Fathers were trying to prevent such radical changes being made unless an overwhelming majority of the states were willing to fight and go through the long and arduous process of amending the Constitution. In this way we guarantee that only laws which have long lasting and consistent public mandate will ever be made part of the Constitution.

Do you agree that our Constitution has gracefully stood the test of time?
Do you think it’s worth fighting for and protecting, as so many of our troops do?

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