On the 6th Day of Christmas

On the Sixth Day of Christmas,
Our Soldiers Gave to Us . . . SECURITY!

Move America Forward is awed and humbled by the many gifts that our troops have given to us since they first took up arms to fight for our nation’s independence. Right now you can fill a troop’s Christmas stocking, put a gift under their tree, by sending a personalized care package full of the items they want with a personal note from you.

Each of those gifts were paid for by the sacrifice our troops have made for their country. We owe our troops a huge debt for the price of freedom and today, on MAF’s SIXTH DAY OF CHRISTMAS we remember the gift of SECURITY.

Without security, our freedoms would be meaningless. Our rights and liberties are protected by the knowledge that our troops will be there to stop any tyranny or oppression that would try to take our rights away.

The war between Communist North Korea and the Republic of South Korea escalated June 25, 1950, when the Communists invaded the South. Under United Nations auspices, the United States and allies helped protect the South from the Communists. Not long after, China joined forces with their fellow communists in North Korea to advance the worldwide spread of communism.

American troops defended Democracy against Communism, a conflict that continued throughout the Cold War and has never officially ended. The Korean War is sometimes called the Forgotten War. We cannot ever forget our troops, whether they serve in a time of peace or, like the veterans of the Korean War, in a pivotal time of war against a committed enemy such as the Chinese communists.

Even though the threat comes from radical Islamic extremism instead of bolshevism, our troops continue to carry on that legacy of protecting America and the free nations of the world from those who would enslave them. Our troops continue to give us Security from enemies that want to destroy America.

Troops in Afghanistan During the Holidays

Our troops can get lonely during the holidays. They are thousands of miles away from their families and their homes in America. Please click below to sponsor a care package with a personal note to a solder, airman, sailor or Marine in Afghanistan.

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