These 4 Chaplains Sacrificed Themselves So Others Could Live


Move America Forward was honored to join American Legionnaires, other veterans, patriots, and strong supporters of our military on Monday to celebrate and commemorate the service and selfless sacrifice of Four Chaplains who gave everything. A plaque was established in their honor at Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial, San Diego, on the 71st anniversary “Four Chaplains Day”.

These 4 chaplains were honored and recognized not only for their service and sacrifice but also as reminder that their legacy is continued by today’s deployed troops. It is for these men and women that Move America Forward remains ever dedicated to serving and who we ask you to remember today by helping us send the precious reminder from home that we love and support our troops while they sacrifice and struggle for everyone back home.

February 3, 1943 during WWII, the troop ship USAT Dorchester was torpedoed in the north Atlantic on its way to Greenland with 900 souls aboard. In the chaos of the explosion, which knocked out all electric power and lighting on the Dorchester, the Four Chaplains acted to calm the troops and pass out life vests as the Dorchester began sinking. When they ran out of life vests for the troops, each of the Four Chaplains, knowing death was certain, took off his life vest and put it on a soldier without one.

The awe-inspiring “Immortal Chaplains” – Rev. George Fox (Methodist), Rabbi Alexander Goode, Father John Washington (Roman Catholic), and Rev. Clark Poling (Dutch Reformed) – each went down with the ship and survivors later testified that they witnessed the Four Chaplains go to their deaths together, arms linked, praying together, sacrificing their lives “so that others may live.”

Their selfless heroism of service and sacrifice led Congress to award each a Purple Heart and Distinguished Service Cross in 1944, and an unprecedented Congressional Medal of Valor in 1961. By a unanimous Act of Congress in 1988, February 3rd was declared to be observed annually as “Four Chaplains Day.”

The plaque, a permanent reminder of their actions, joins over 3000 others, that honor both past and present generations of veterans at the Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial.

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For those who help us send these remaining boxes, we will not only put your note in them BUT place the historic remembrance of the 4 Chaplains in each of the 546 boxes.




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