223 Marines Still Need Care Packages

HELP! 223 Marines Still Need Care Packages

Thanks to many supporters generously donating over the weekend, we are a lot closer to reaching our goal of 800 Marines sponsored! We’ve currently raised enough to help 577 troops of the 1/5 Marines, that leaves 223 Marines who still need support – – help us reach our goal!

When our troops overseas receive these care packages, it’s a huge boost to morale and helps give them the comforts that remind them of home. Please help us reach our goal and help us get enough donations to sponsor the remaining 223 Marines who still need care packages! Donate now!

With your generous donations you can give our Marines a taste of home, with our premium gourmet coffee, genuine Oreo cookies, Painted Hills Beef Jerky, and Candy Diplomacy Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, uniquely made just for our care packages.

We have also recently introduced a new version of wet wipes to our packages. The “Hoo-Ahhs” field towels are a massive upgrade to the wet wipes we used before. They’re much larger and stronger than our previous wet wipes solution, so the troops will get a lot more use out of them in the harsh Afghan environment.

Make sure to include your words of encouragement that can help them through another patrol, watch, fire fight and tour.

If there are 10 generous people out there who can dig deep and each sponsor a Platoon Pack (Serves 20 Troops) then we could reach our goal today!

Can we find 10 donors willing to sponsor a Platoon Pack for our Marines?

It’s a lot to ask for one person to donate so much, but is there any better gift we can give to our Marines on the front lines who are out there fighting for us?

Move America Forward is proud to continue supporting the 1st Marine Division, the oldest, largest, and most decorated division in the United States Marine Corps. There are currently 800 of our adopted Marines in Afghanistan who need our help! By sending support to the Marines in a critical area, we can make a huge difference!

Afghanistan: Troops from 1st Battalion, 5th Marines conduct  high level counter-insurgency
diplmoatic operations (passing out candy to local village children, building trust, cooperation).
Troops Appreciate Care Packages SO MUCH!

Many Write Back to Say THANK YOU.


Whenever we receive messages back from the troops, it’s a huge reminder as to just how much of a difference YOU can make with your care package sponsorships. We received this letter from a solder in Afghanistan just after Christmas.

Even though it’s a little dated, it still demonstrates the impact that YOUR SUPPORT has on the troops serving in harm’s way over in Afghanistan.

Thanks is an understatement, I wish I could hug you! The Box was awesome, I can’t remember the last time I had Starbucks Coffee. Really thank you so much for the box it really meant a lot (I got it on Christmas Day, huge bonus, my only legit Christmas present).

The support your organization showed us during the holiday season was really amazing. It’s this kind of morale boost that gets us through the bad days, reminds us why we’re here. Not to mention, after being here for so long, we begin to feel forgotten about.

So just BIG thanks for remembering SCADT! God Bless you!

SGT.   …  [ redacted ] …
FOB GERONIMO!, Afghanistan

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