20th Anniversary of WTC 1993 Bomb

20 Year Anniversary-Terrorists Bomb WTC in 1993

On this day, 20 years ago, terrorists first attacked the World Trade Center in New York City. It was not the first time terrorists had attacked American targets, nor would it be the last, but it was a pivotal moment in the War on Terror that we must NEVER FORGET.

The attack was organized by Khaled Sheikh Mohammed and fellow jihadist conspirators who detonated a truck bomb armed with over 1,340 lbs. of explosives in the lower garage levels in an attempt to knock  the North Tower (Tower 1) into the South Tower (Tower 2), destroying both towers and murdering the thousands of innocent people inside. Though the terrorists failed that day, six innocent people were killed and over a thousand more injured. Many more could have been killed.

The murderers who perpetrated this first attack are the same radical jihadists who our troops are still fighting today.

Today, please take a moment to remember and pray for those innocent people who lost their lives in terrorist attacks.

Despite attacks like this one in 1993, and similar attacks like the bombing of the Marine barracks in 1982, the USS Cole in 2000, and many other provocations, America really did not take the War on Terror seriously until after 9/11. It took an enormous and tragic loss of life for the sleeping giant of America to finally wake up and realize that we are in a war for survival against radical Islam.

After 9/11, President George W. Bush finally mobilized the full might of the US military to go after the terrorists wherever they hide, so that our country never lets our guard down again. We must NEVER FORGET attacks like the first WTC in 1993, because those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Never forget about the terrorists and their ambitions to destroy our country and our way of life, or our troops who are fighting on the front lines protecting us.

On this anniversary of one of the most famous terrorist attacks in the history of the War on Terror, send some support to our Marines on the front lines fighting the terrorists!

Move America Forward is proud to support the 1st Marine Division, the oldest, largest, and most decorated division in the United States Marine Corps. These Marines see some of the toughest fighting in Afghanistan and that’s why it’s so important to send them support.

Make a donation now to help the Marines of 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment who are fighting these Taliban insurgents! Sponsor a care package full of goodies and a personal note of thanks and gratitude from you. 


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