15 Year Anniversary of Embassy Bombings



Today marks the anniversaries of two of the most notorious terrorist bombings in recent history. On August 7th, 1998 our U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by radical Islamic Jihadist groups affiliated with Al Qaeda and others.

These bombs were detonated by trucks packed with explosives which smashed through the gates of our embassies in each country. They were set off almost simultaneously between 10:30 AM and 10:40 AM. The bombs killed approximately 212 people and injured 4,000 more in Kenya while the bomb in Tanzania killed 11 and injured 85.

12 Americans were killed. Ironically, even though the attacks targeted American embassies, the majority of those killed were locals. This is the same pattern that Al Qaeda continued to follow in Iraq and Afghanistan, willingly slaughtering innocent civilians for a chance to get at US troops.

Remember these tragic attacks and let them remind us that the war on terror did not start on September 11, 2001, nor even with these bombings in 1998, it goes back much further. For decades, these Jihadist groups have been targeting US and Israeli citizens…and they show no sign of stopping.

When President Obama talks about winding down the War on Terror and pulling our troops back, it is foolish to think that ending our involvement in Afghanistan or any other single country will do anything to affect the overall struggle against Islamic radicals bent on destroying our nation.

While our President Obama talks about Al Qaeda being on the run, in truth we see that the terrorists remain as resolute as ever to target Americans for attacks and killings, and they will continue to do so until our leadership finds the courage to stand up to the terrorists and the foreign governments who support them!

Do not forget our troops on the front lines! Remember their continuing role to fight Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and countless other terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan and the Middle East!

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